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Who Gives Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga Their Glam Looks: Music’s 5 Most Influential Stylists

That coordinated diamond flask RiRi carried at the Grammys? That was the work of Mel Ottenberg, who is just one of the standout fashion gurus dressing pop stars from Adele to Zayn Malik.

Who Dresses Justin Timberlake, George Clooney and John Legend: 5 of Hollywood’s Most In-Demand Men’s Stylists

One name to know: Van Van Alonso, whose work with Oscar winner Mahershala Ali led to the actor's next starring role: in Calvin Klein's underwear ads.

Who Dresses Katy Perry and Mandy Moore: 5 Rising Hollywood Stylists to Watch

Jamie Mizrahi, who also styled Syrian refugee and 'Watani: My Homeland' star Hala Kamil for the Oscars, is just one of the emerging tastemakers who made an impact during awards season.

This is Where Shailene Woodley’s Makeup Artist Buys Green Beauty Gear

Gloria Noto and Amber Heard's go-to-glam artist Katey Denno share where they shop for the best all-natural beauty goods

Stuff Preta Loves: 5 Pairs of Party Perfect Fancy Pants

Who needs a dress? Preta is loving these 5 after-dark appropriate alternatives that bring enough "cool-girl" glitz sure to eclipse all other bare-legged evening options.

Hollywood Beauty: Anne Hathaway, Olivia Wilde and the Glam Squads Who Make Them Gorgeous

THR's annual Beauty Issue -- which coincides with the launch of THR's new style website, Pret-a-Reporter -- goes behind the scenes to snag get-stunning secrets from the biggest pros in the game…

Hollywood’s Top 25 Beauty Moments of 2012

Those lips, that hair, those eyes! When the town's top actresses align with the industry's best tastemakers, the results explode onscreen and off, inspire millions and -- yes -- reap millions, too.

Fash Track

HOLLYWOOD STYLE: Livia Firth challenges designers to produce environmentally friendly awards-season clothes.

Fash Track

HOLLYWOOD STYLE: Christie's is auctioning off Roger Moore's Rolex Oyster Perpetual, seen in "Live and Let Die."