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Elena Tsirlina

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Bad Timing: As London Burns, U.K. Woos Hollywood Celebrities to Come Live There

England today enacts a new law whereby those who have won an Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe or BAFTA can become British citizens quickly and bypass the country's immigration crackdown.

Britain to Awards Winners: Move Here!

THE REPORT: New U.K. immigration law invites Oscar, BAFTA and Emmy talent.

U.K. immigration changes could affect industry

Immigration law has once again become a hot topic in the U.K.'s entertainment industry. The country's immigration system is the focus of the most historic overhaul the U.K. has seen in the past four decades, changes that will undoubtedly affect the arts and entertainment sector.

U.K. citizens enjoy Hollywood stronghold

In Hollywood, British quirkiness translates into economic demand for such transplant actors as Hugh Laurie, Michelle Ryan, Hellen Mirren and many others. But the recent immigration debate on Capitol Hill has produced legislation which would threaten much of the freedom British actors have enjoyed in America.