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Elizabeth Guid

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Aliens, transplants trendy

Seductively insidious visitors from another planet and seductively intense vampires wowed the 400 foreign program buyers who trekked to the Warner Bros. lot Monday morning for a first look at the studio's upcoming slate of fall shows.

WB shifts gears in Germany

Warner Bros. is changing dance partners in Germany, inking a multiyear agreement with top broadcaster RTL for German TV rights to more than 200 movies and TV series from the Hollywood studio.

Hoopla lite NATPE ends at a crossroads

The 46th edition of the NATPE trade show will, if the TV business regains its footing, go down as a depressing blip on the radar — or be remembered as the straw that broke the camel's back and ends the market as we know it.

The mood here is all business

Nary an animal mascot, a scantily clad bimbo handing out promo leaflets or a buffet line could be espied on the trading floor of the 46th annual NATPE confab Tuesday as the global recession and a dwindling domestic syndication business took a bite out of the once raucous, crowded bazaar.

NATPE players ante up and deal in Las Vegas

Despite fewer attendees from abroad and thinner wallets in tow, several Hollywood players unveiled programming deals as NATPE kicked off its 2009 Market & Conference on Monday at the Mandalay Bay Resort.

A leading man is cast

Ignoring the celebrity status that some say has defined him, Barack Obama stepped out on the stage Thursday night to a wave of adulation that swept through the vast football stadium.

The Hollywood delegation

Hollywood is preparing to decamp for Denver for what could be the frothiest showbiz participation in a political convention ever.

Splendid views on the Croisette

The global traffic in TV content has never been more intense, the pace never quicker and the pricing rarely as healthy.

Fox, CanalSat members of a baby boom

The baby business is bustling on the Croisette.