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Elizabeth Kerr

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‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’ (‘Zhang jin hu’): Film Review

A trio of renowned directors — Hong Kong helmers Dante Lam and Tsui Hark and mainland Chinese filmmaker Chen Kaige — team up for a blockbuster Korean War drama featuring Wu Jing, Jackson Yee and Hu Jun.

‘One and Four’ (‘Yige he sige’): Film Review | Tokyo 2021

Tibetan filmmaker Pema Tseden produces Jigme Trinley’s feature debut, starring Jinpa as a forest ranger caught in a game of double-cross and mistaken identities.

‘Arisaka’: Film Review | Tokyo 2021

Popular Filipino actor-singer Maja Salvador stars in 'Dead Kids' director Mikhail Red’s revenge thriller, filtering historical trauma through action conventions.

‘Third Time Lucky’ (‘Sandome no Shojiki’): Film Review | Tokyo 2021

Writer-director Tadashi Nohara and actor Rira Kawamura re-team for 'Third Time Lucky', another intimate examination of mid-life Kobe malaise, premiering at Tokyo.

‘The Dawning of the Day’ (‘Alborada’): Film Review | Tokyo 2021

Sri Lankan director Asoka Handagama dares to explore legendary poet Pablo Neruda’s life in colonial Ceylon, including the rape that has cast a shadow over his legacy.

‘Crane Lantern’: Film Review | Tokyo 2021

Azerbaijani director Hilal Baydarov returns with his distinct brand of visual poetry and existential musings in his third feature.

‘Vanguard’ (‘Jixianfeng’): Film Review

Stanley Tong directs Jackie Chan in their seventh collaboration, 'Vanguard.'

‘The Eight Hundred’ (‘Babai’): Film Review

Guan Hu’s controversial, oft-delayed and visually stunning war epic 'The Eight Hundred' finally makes its way to theaters, much to the delight of exhibitors.

‘Peninsula’ (‘Ban-do’): Film Review

Director Yeon Sang-ho returns to familiar territory with 'Peninsula,' an oddly timely sequel to his creative 2016 zombie thriller 'Train to Busan.'

Hollywood Flashback: Roberto Benigni Returns for a Pinocchio Do-Over

The Italian writer and director's first venture featured the (then) 50-year-old Benigni as the wooden puppet that becomes a real child.

Hollywood Flashback: Johnny Depp Embraced Absurdity in ‘Arizona Dream’ in 1993

Hollywood Flashback: Johnny Depp embraced absurdity in 'Arizona Dream' in 1993.

Hollywood Flashback: Willem Dafoe Helped Cronenberg Land a Silver Bear in 1999

In 1999, Willem Dafoe starred in David Cronenberg’s eventual Silver Bear winner, 'eXistenZ,' his first and only collaboration with cinema’s premier body horror maestro.