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Elycia Rubin

Hollywood’s High “Man”-tenance: Male Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise

The number of men getting cosmetic surgery—from hair transplants to neck lifts—has increased by 53 percent from 2011 to 2015.

The Latest Hollywood Beauty Trend? Perfection Rejection

Female celebs and execs are embracing the idea that less is more when it comes to beauty maintenance.

How To Achieve The Modern Make-Under

Hollywood beauty experts weigh in.

How Hollywood Is Doing Acupuncture “Add-Ons”

Leave it to entertainment-industry Angelenos to elevate Eastern healing, with exotic add-ons that feature everything from gold ear seeds to a muscle massage that involves a buffalo horn.

Hollywood on Holiday: 10 Inspiring A-List Getaways

Cruising at a steady 55 MPH on the 405 or the 101 at 10 am means just one thing… it's late December in Hollywood (a.k.a. The Annual Shut Down). From the sand to the slopes, these ultra luxe…

Why the Beverly Hills Face-Lift Is on the Decline (Hint: Blame the “Cocktail”)

The world's capital for going under the knife is forgoing the unkindest cuts for new alternatives. Says one cosmetic surgeon, "I don't ever want a face-lift. I'd rather have wrinkles than look pulled…

Zika Virus Throws Hollywood’s Spring Break Plans Into Disarray

Amid a global health scare that has some Americans coming home sick, industry travelers are hitting the slopes, others are braving the risks with "plenty of bug spray," and some are headed south…