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Emma Dibdin

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Jason Bateman and Cynthia Erivo discuss their new HBO series 'The Outsider,' based on Stephen King's 2018 novel.

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Don Cheadle, Ted Danson, Benicio Del Toro, Eugene Levy, Bob Odenkirk, Milo Ventimiglia and more leading men pull back the curtain to show how they came to understand their character and share what they’ve learned along the way.

Jonathan Groff on How ‘Mindhunter’ Ratchets Up the Tension in Season 2

'Mindhunter' star Jonathan Groff discusses Holden Ford's season two arc, playing panic attacks, the Atlanta Child Murders and more about the Netflix drama.

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'Pearson' star Gina Torres discusses her 'Suits' spinoff, how the 2016 election inspired the show, and the scrapped plan to kill Jessica when she left 'Suits.'

‘Suits’ Creator on How Spinoff ‘Pearson’ Almost Didn’t Happen

'Suits' creator Aaron Korsh discusses the Gina Torres-centric spinoff 'Pearson,' why it's time for the original show to end and his scrapped plan to kill Jessica Pearson.

‘Chernobyl’ Creator Breaks Down the HBO Drama’s Haunting Finale and Cautionary Message

'Chernobyl' creator and writer Craig Mazin discusses depicting the 1986 nuclear disaster, the HBO miniseries' slow-burn success and how the story resonates with climate change denialism.