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Eric Monder

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Ajami — Film Review

The fact that first-time co-directors Scandar Copti and Yaron Shani used a mostly nonprofessional cast and shot "Ajami" on location, sometimes without a script, gives their film a raw, realistic power.

The End of Poverty? — Film Review

This refreshingly straightforward documentary gives the world-history "backstory" (and continuing story) of why so many people live so poorly and die of malnutrition in abundant societies.

Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt with Nazis — Film Review

"Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt with Nazis" is a compelling but lopsided documentary that is best viewed by reading between the lines.

Lord Save Us From Your Followers — Film Review

Like a more genial, "balanced" version of "Religulous," "Lord Save Us From Your Followers" covers similar ground about religious hypocrisy in the modern Western world while also giving due deference to the followers' side of the argument, affirming true Christianity.

Crude — Film Review

Berlinger's reputation as a skilled filmmaker-journalist and the topical subject matter make "Crude" must-viewing for those who care about the planet.

California Company Town — Film Review

"California Company Town" uses a deadpan, controlled tone to savagely attack the failures of capitalism and its impact on the American landscape.

The Big Shot-Caller — Film Review

From its awkward, ambiguous title to its lack of charismatic performers, this minor drama doesn't have many commercial prospects.

Revue — Film Review

Part vaudeville show, part political Passing Parade, "Revue" neatly captures the oppressive nature of government-sanctioned art in Khrushchev-era Russia.