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Eriq Gardner

Legal Editor-at-Large

CNN Can’t Dodge Alan Dershowitz Libel Suit

Alan Dershowitz will be able to move to discovery after surviving the first round of a defamation lawsuit against CNN over its coverage of Donald Trump’s impeachment. The famed attorney…

Apple, Epic Grilled by Antitrust Judge at Trial

On Monday, near the conclusion of an antitrust trial in Oakland, California, that focuses on Apple’s dominance over a thriving app market, U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers…

Appeals Court Confirms Hollywood Stars Lost Millions in Weinstein Bankruptcy

Hollywood dealmaking has failed to save the industry’s top talent from a studio’s bankruptcy. That’s the lesson from a precedential opinion out on Friday from the 3rd Circuit Court of…

Project Veritas Wants Supreme Court to Vindicate Secret Recordings

In the past decade, Project Veritas has repeatedly stirred the pot by surreptitiously recording community activists, abortion clinic staffers, union leaders, prominent media figures and others…

Jon Bon Jovi, Don Henley Called Antitrust “Co-Conspirators”

Are some of the most famous musicians on the globe actively participating in an antitrust conspiracy that could finish off the radio business? That might sound hyperbolic, but it’s exactly what

Twitter Loses Lawsuit Seeking to Stop Texas Probe

Twitter was handed a small setback on Tuesday when a federal judge refused to advance a lawsuit that it brought against Texas attorney general Ken Paxton. The suit was filed after Donald…

Is Robinhood About to Get Wrecked After (Mis)Quoting Ice Cube?

“Check yo self before you wreck yo self” That now-famous lyric from Ice Cube off his 1992 album, The Predator, is at the center of a lawsuit from the rapper-actor against Robinhood, which offers…

Sydney Pollack’s Lawyer May Face Trial Over Aretha Franklin Concert Film

As everyone knows, lawyers are supposed to represent their clients zealously. Sometimes, there’s even bluffing involved. But can an attorney get into legal trouble for voicing a foolish legal…

Epic v. Apple Antitrust Trial Begins

During opening statements, the 'Fortnite' maker says that Apple is abusing control over a huge platform for distributing apps.

How a Malpractice Suit Against a Star Lawyer Could Leak #MeToo Secrets

Ousted UMG executive Charlie Walk is suing longtime Trump consigliere Marc Kasowitz, but they have one thing in common: They say they want the truth to come out.

European Authorities Accuse Apple of Distorting Music Streaming Market

Antitrust authorities in the European bloc have filed charges that could bring multibillion-dollar fines. The new case comes on the verge of a huge trial between Epic Games and Apple.

CNN Faces Project Veritas Lawsuit for Comments About Twitter Suspension

James O'Keefe's outfit says its journalistic reputation was impugned by the suggestion it was booted from Twitter for "promoting misinformation."