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Eriq Gardner

Legal Editor-at-Large

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N.Y. Times to Stand Trial This Month as Sarah Palin Libel Suit Heads to Jury

The former VP candidate alleges an anti-gun editorial defamed her. Jury selection begins Jan. 24.

How the Supreme Court Could Shake Up Disney’s Spider-Man Plans

William Morris Endeavor, SAG-AFTRA and a bunch of comic book heirs are quietly backing a petition to the high court — one that could be a real game-changer.

United States v. Facebook: What Hollywood Has at Stake

Amazon (with MGM on its mind) will watch whether a judge rules that the FTC chair should have recused herself from targeting Facebook.

Fox News’ Legal Jeopardy Is Real, but Not for the Most Cited Reasons

Forget the billions in possible damages. And what Rupert Murdoch really thinks about the 2020 election. No, the source of the cable network's problem is something else.

‘Survivor’ Attorney Has His Nearly $500K Win Wiped Out

A California appeals court rips up a jury verdict in a marathon battle involving Mark Burnett's former partner.

‘General Hospital’ Star Sues ABC Over Vaccine Mandate

Ingo Rademacher says he has a religious objection and is claiming discrimination.

Mike Lindell Experiences Rejection in Libel Suit Over Hollywood Romance

Secretly dating an actress? A federal judge doesn't see anything defamatory about that.

Dr. Oz’s Political Bid Will Give Sony and Oprah a Headache

As the host launches a bid for the Senate, his industry backers may get hit with the fallout when reporters dig into his history of questionable claims.

Netflix Can’t Recruit Disney’s Fox Executives, Appeals Court Rules

The streamer is unsuccessful in getting a California appeals court to lift an injunction.

Ryan Kavanaugh’s New Mind Bender: When Is a Lawsuit Not a Lawsuit?

A defamation case from the controversial entertainment veteran figures to explore a secret about the court system that hardly anyone knows about.

Miramax Wins Lawsuit Over ‘Pulp Fiction’ Movie Poster

A judge rules that the photographer behind the iconic 1994 image of Uma Thurman waited too long to sue — and that an Instagram post proved it.

Kevin Spacey Must Pay $31M for Breaching ‘House of Cards’ Deal

An arbitrator rules that the actor's pattern of sexual harassment caused damage to MRC and flouted contractual obligations.