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Esther Zuckerman

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‘A League of Their Own’ Star Kate Berlant Talks Comedy Series and Acclaimed Stage Show

How did Kate Berlant end up on Prime Video’s A League of Their Own series? “It came about [the way] essentially everything I’m in comes about, which is that somebody knows me and likes my shtick,” she says over Zoom. Turns out a lot of people these days like what Berlant cheekily calls her shtick. […]

Samantha Hanratty on Her ‘Yellowjackets’ Character: “I Just Want to Hug Her and Tell Her to Go to Therapy”

When Samantha Hanratty was filming the terrifyingly intense plane crash sequence that kicks off the plot of Showtime’s Yellowjackets, she had to do the opposite of tapping into her own emotions. “I’m a very emotional person; I’m an empath,” she says. “I, as Samantha, would have been sobbing. I would have been having a mental […]