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Post-Dramatic Stress: Ex-Students Decry Nightmare Acting Coach

Gloria Gifford claims her brash style and the intense devotion she demands at her L.A. conservatory are in service to the craft. But former students say they were subject to intimidation, humiliation — and retribution if they tried to leave.

Unhoused Sweeps Become Flashpoint for Film Shoots in Los Angeles

The clearing of a tent encampment near a Freeform series highlights Hollywood’s friction with unhoused residents: “There are sweeps happening for filming all the time.”

‘I’ll Have What She’s Having’ Exhibit Charts Jewish Deli’s Cultural Influence

A new showcase at L.A.'s Skirball Cultural Center traces the Jewish American deli from pushcarts serving tenement dwellers to pop-culture centrality on 'Seinfeld,' 'Mad Men' and more.

Jay-Z’s Oscar Gold Party Picketed by Labor Union Outside Chateau Marmont

Protestors didn’t stop Emily Ratajkowski, Rosario Dawson, Michael B. Jordan, Zoe Kravitz and plenty more from crossing the picket line.

Black Clergy Leaders Urge Jay-Z to Move Chateau Oscar Party Amid Hotel Boycott

Meanwhile, city officials have been notified that a zoning permit for the intended event space forbids "private parties from which the general public is excluded." The hotel claims Jay-Z, who has remained silent, can secure a special permit.

Jay-Z Oscar Party Draws Criticism for Flouting Chateau Marmont Boycott

The planned bash puts the music star at odds with a campaign backed by Hollywood unions and supported by names such as Spike Lee, Issa Rae, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Roxane Gay and Gabrielle Union.

Hollywood Military Advisor Supplies Gear for Ukraine War Effort, Urges Solidarity: “I Know What the Studios Have”

Technical expert Jon Barton, a Marine vet, has sent hundreds of uniforms, rifle slings, tactical vests and other items he typically rents out for entertainment productions to the embattled country.

How the Academy Museum’s Jewish Exclusion Became Exhibit A

When AMPAS opened the doors in September to its long-awaited institution, many industry leaders and donors were shocked at the lack of representation of the town’s immigrant pioneers. Amid cries of "intellectual dishonesty," insiders reveal what happened ("overcorrection due to wokeness") and plans to make good.

In Rick Caruso’s L.A. Mayoral Bid, Hollywood Heavies See Themselves

The industry's elite, anxious about crime and homelessness, think they've found a savior in the billionaire mall magnate who idolizes Walt Disney and promises to rescue a city in crisis.

The Night 65 Million People Watched ‘Schindler’s List’

Ford Motor Company, whose founder Henry Ford was a well-known antisemite, sponsored the unprecedented ad-free broadcast.

How Saudi Arabia Misappropriated a SXSW Doc for “Nefarious Purposes”

A Saudi army officer made the case to bomb a port in Yemen using misidentified footage from 'Severe Clear,' a documentary about the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Why ‘Dr. Phil’ Is Bulletproof Despite “Toxic Workplace” Claims

A recent BuzzFeed exposé revealed a toxic workplace culture at his show, but Phil McGraw's fan base — unlike Ellen DeGeneres' — isn’t likely to cry foul.