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Gavin Polone

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Gavin Polone: Keanu Reeves, His Girlfriend and Hollywood’s Double Standard on Gray Hair

The silver-bearded 'Zombieland: Double Tap' producer analyzes the modern culture of personal (and business) appearances and asks why photos of a movie star and his girlfriend go viral.

Gavin Polone on ‘Failure’ Jeff Zucker: Sadly, He’ll Still Succeed at CNN (Guest Column)

The producer and Conan O'Brien manager says the former broadcast entertainment chief's toughness -- and the laws of statistics -- suggest a win.

Why Zucker Will Succeed (Even Though He Sucks)

THE BUSINESS: Gavin Polone says Zucker's toughness and the laws of statistics suggest a new reign of "assholishness."

Hollywood Producer Slams Michael Moore for Goldman Sachs Hypocrisy

In the new Hollywood Reporter, Gavin Polone points the finger at the filmmaker's Occupy Wall Street alliance while accepting Wall Street money.

Michael Moore’s Hypocrisy

OPINION: A top producer calls out the filmmaker for blasting Wall Street when he got millions from the Goldman-backed Weinstein Co.