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Fantastic Four: A Complicated Cinematic Flashback — And Why Fans Are Elated for Group’s Future Following ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Consisting of Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, Thing and Human Torch, the team is the cornerstone of Marvel’s very existence. Without the success of the comic in the years immediately following its 1961 debut, there would be no Iron Man, no Thor and no X-Men.

‘Doctor Strange 2’ Wisely Plants Fail-Safe Should the Multiverse Require Endgame

It’s one thing to use the multiverse to introduce new elements for audiences to enjoy — but the availability of any number of realities ready for plunder has, historically, offered far too easy access for shock tactics used to elicit unearned responses from comics audiences.

‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’: A Guide on What to Know Before You Go

The Marvel Cinematic Universe can be pretty confusing, so THR put together a Multiverse breakdown to help fans prepare for whatever craziness unfolds in the latest film chapter.

Decoding That Surprise ‘The Batman’ Cameo

Recent comics provide a guide to where an unlikely friendship may go.

‘Book of Boba Fett’ Faces a Challenging Home Stretch

With three episodes left, the Disney+ series is shaping up to be the show fans feared 'The Mandalorian' would become.

Why Dark Horse Embraced a Sale to a Swedish Gaming Giant

The deal, expected to close in 2022, gives the publisher financial stability while offering owner Embracer access to new IP.

‘No Way Home’ and the Tragedy of Spider-Man

Tom Holland's latest outing as the wall-crawler features a surprise that brings the hero back to basics.

The Comic Book Industry’s Next Page-Turner: Union Organizing

Production and edit staff at Image, publisher of ‘Spawn’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ series, unveiled plans to unionize in what could be a test case watched by employees at larger companies.

‘Eternals’ Mid-Credits Scene and the Cosmic Heroes Behind It

The waning moments of Marvel's latest film introduce some fresh faces to the MCU.

How New Superman Slogan Finally Lets Him Be a Man of Tomorrow

"Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow" reflects the evolution of what it means to be the Man of Steel.

The Terror Behind Robert Pattinson’s ‘The Batman’ Trailer

Filmmaker Matt Reeves has crafted a character who looks like something from a horror movie, as if Batman is the latest incarnation of Jason Voorhees or Freddie Krueger.