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Graham Keeley

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‘Tropic Thunder’ rolling to San Sebastian

Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. will present the comedy "Tropic Thunder" at the San Sebastian Film Festival in September.

San Sebastian gets Spanish flavor

Three Spanish films -- Javier Fesser's "Route," Ben Macias' "My Prison Yard" and Jaime Rosales' "Shot in the Head" -- will unspool in the official selection at San Sebastian in September.

TVE adds talent to 24-hour Spanish news

A 24-hour news channel, Canal 24 Horas, run by Spanish state broadcaster Television Espanola, will be the channel's mainstay of next season's programming.

Spain series enjoy international pickups

Spanish fiction series are selling well across the world.

La Sexta chief says channel audience growing

La Sexta chief Jose Miguel Contreras said Friday that the Spanish private TV channel was on track to reach its target of 6% of audience share this year.

Reclaim Your Brain

The theme of "Reclaim Your Brain" is how crass TV is corrupting the minds of the masses. But the movie's very own lack of subtlety undermines its message.

Catalonia launches own awards show

With an eye toward rivaling such established events as Madrid's Goyas and London's BAFTAs, Catalonia's College of Film Directors has decided to hold its own yearly awards ceremony.

Catalonia, TVC launch $11 mil film fund

The government of Spain's Catalonia region is joining forces with publicly funded broadcaster TVC to create a $11.1 million film fund.

Mediapro boss a study in contrasts

Jaume Roures does not fit the stereotype of the Citizen Kane-style media baron.

Reclaim Your Brain

SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain -- The theme of this picture is how crass TV is corrupting the minds of the masses. But the movie's very own lack of subtlety undermines its message.

Kill Them All

SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain -- With this political thriller, based on the true tale of a scientist who devised ways to dispose of the political enemies of Chile's General Pinochet, Uruguayan director Esteban Schroeder records a dark chapter in South American history without turning the film into a history lessons.


SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain -- While the movie itself is a well-made crime drama that packs a punch, Andres Baiz fails to coherently link the the so-called Pozzetto Massacre case with questions about the fatal urge of people's deepest desires. Indeed the filmmaker leaves himself open to charges of exploitation.