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Shall We Kiss?

PARIS -- Emmanuel Mouret is a young actor and director who seems from another age. He finds his inspiration in American screwball comedy as much as in Eric Rohmer's sentimental comedies or the masters of French drama from the 18th and 19th century (Marivaux and Musset, mainly). In five films, he has created a very consistent, admirable body of work. His latest, the funny and melancholic "Shall We Kiss?" could attract targeted audiences in Europe and possibly the Americas.


PARIS -- Cedric Klapisch, an uneven director whose best efforts so far were the diptych "Euro Pudding" and "Russian Dolls," puts his talent to interweave stories and several characters to more dramatic material in "Paris."

My Life Is Not a Romantic Comedy (Ma vie n’est pas une comedie romantique)

PARIS -- Romantic comedy is clearly identified worldwide as an all-American genre. "My Life Is Not a Romantic Comedy" is a French attempt to add a Gallic touch to the recipe. It works out quite well. In fact, the debut feature by Marc Gibaja quotes openly some successes of the '80s and '90s, such as "When Harry Met Sally" or "Sleepless in Seattle."


BRATISLAVA, Slovakian Republic -- The story of two children in search of their father could at first glance seem rather conventional, but it is enriched by a sense of space and rhythm showing Andrzej Jakimowski as a master of directing.

Woman’s Hearts (Corazones de mujer)

BERLIN -- Directed in Arabic, Spanish and Italian by two Italian directors under the pseudonym of Kiff Kosoof, bearing a Spanish title but produced in Italy and shot in Morocco, "Woman's Heart" is not your usual festival auteur film.

El Camino (The Path)

BERLIN -- Nicaraguan emigration towards neighboring Costa Rica forms the background of this contemplative road movie, reportedly the first ever directed by a woman in Central America.


PARIS -- Although "Guilty" involves a police investigator, a lawyer and two suspects in a murder, Laetitia Masson's film is a philosophical and psychological film rather than a mystery or action piece.

Lady Jane

PARIS -- The cinema of Robert Guediguian is associated with the sunny skies, blue waters and picturesque accents of Marseilles, where he has shot most of his films. "Lady Jane" marks quite a sea change for the filmmaker.

Motherland (La terramadre)

BERLIN -- Two stories taking place in the Sicilian coastal village of Palma di Montechiaro in this movie, a genuine showcase for the talent of director Nello La Marca.

Before the Fall (3 dias)

BERLIN -- This will not receive the same international attention given to recent Spanish thrillers and horror films. More likely it will be confined to domestic market.

What No One Knows

BERLIN -- While intriguing at first, this character study unexpectedly evolves into a political thriller that doesn't live up to its promises.

Tatil Kitabi (Summer Book)

In his debut, Turkish director Seyfi Teoman captures both the charm of what it means to be a child during summer vacation and an overwhelming feeling of grief.