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Sandra Bullock, Justin Bieber and Other Stars Who Lost Money on Real Estate in a Booming Market

As the Los Angeles housing market has gone up and up, some high-rolling real estate players are selling their mega-mansions — surprisingly — at a loss. Trevor Noah recently sold his Bel Air mansion for $26.4 million, more than $1 million less than he paid for it in 2020. Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley […]

What Supporters and Critics Say About 2022 California Law Permitting More Duplexes

Since Jan. 1, 2022, SB 9, known as the “California HOME Act,” is in effect throughout the state of California. The law allows homeowners to either build two 800-square-foot homes on their lot or divide their lot in two for a total of four homes on a formerly single-family plot. Boosters say it will address […]

High Rises Are Out, Campuses Are In as L.A. Office Real Estate Market Recovers

As L.A.’s commercial real estate market recovers from the massive blow of COVID, some areas are flourishing while others are stuck in a two-year slump,. “It’s somewhat of a tale of two cities, depending on which market we’re talking about,” says Jodie Poirier, executive managing director at Colliers. Notes Bill Bloodgood, executive managing director at […]

Why Idyllwild, a Town With a Dog as Mayor, Is Drawing Hollywood Home Buyers

For Mayor Max, serving a lifetime appointment as the leader of Idyllwild is a full-time job. “The mayor’s out in the public every day and on weekends,” says his chief of staff, Phyllis Mueller. “We just do kind and loving things for people. But we do it all day long.” That’s a lot of work […]

In L.A. Mayor’s Race, Hollywood Is Divided in Two Camps: Team Bass and Team Caruso

With the June 7 California primaries fast approaching, Hollywood already is awash with fundraisers for frontrunners in the Los Angeles mayoral race. “I’ve never seen something crazier in my entire life,” says Rick Caruso supporter Jay Sures. “Hollywood, it’s broken down. You have Rick Caruso supporters. You have Karen Bass supporters, and then you have […]

The San Fernando Valley and Its Distinctive Architecture Becomes Hot Real Estate Draw

Long considered the Westside’s lesser sibling, the San Fernando Valley’s unique residential architecture and family-friendly neighborhoods increasingly are a draw. According to The Agency’s Red Paper, 2021 saw single-family home sales rise 16 percent year-over-year and the median sales price was up 15 percent in the Valley, the nostalgic locale of Paul Thomas Anderson’s best […]

Demand for Safe Rooms Skyrockets in Los Angeles

“Our influx of inquiries has increased more than 1,000 percent over the past three months,” says Dean Cryer, vp international operations at Building Consensus/Panic Room Builders, a firm specializing in the building of safe rooms. “It’s gone insane.” Because of the perceived increase in crime in metropolitan areas and high-profile murders and robberies in high-net-worth […]

Why Rihanna, Kevin Hart and More Stars Are Rushing to Buy the House Next Door

In Los Angeles, relationships between neighbors can be complicated. “I always tell people, when you move into a house … invite your neighbors to a party and hope they don’t show up,” says realtor William Baker, architecture director at The Agency. But even halfhearted neighborly friendliness has its advantages — particularly when someone is moving […]

Fredrik Eklund on Why It Was “The Right Moment” to Exit ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Franchise (Exclusive)

On Monday, Fredrik Eklund of Douglas Elliman announced on Instagram that he was leaving Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles after 11 seasons. “I let Andy [Cohen], the producers and executives know last week how grateful I am,” Eklund wrote. “Eternally grateful, I mean what an incredible run we […]

Vinyl District, the Hottest Neighborhood in L.A. Right Now

Over the decades, Hollywood has had its share of efforts at revitalization. Front and center was the massive Hollywood & Highland shopping center (opened in 2001), which didn’t exactly turn the area into a hip hood; the mall is now in the midst of a $100 million makeover and will be relaunched as Ovation Hollywood. […]

The 10 Most Expensive Los Angeles Real Estate Deals of 2021

Tech billionaires and music moguls dominate the list of the priciest L.A. real estate transactions in 2021. Numerous records were broken — including for the most expensive home ever purchased in California — as the ultra-rich invested in mini-fiefdoms that give them few reasons to ever leave the house. According to Branden Williams of Beverly […]

Tiny Bell Canyon Becomes Hot Spot for Celebrity Real Estate

It’s hard to find, cell service is spotty, the threat of fire is high, and it’s over the Ventura County line. Yet Bell Canyon — the exclusive, 1,700-acre gated community north of Calabasas (with one gate; one way in and out) — is a celebrity magnet, where residents have included Niecy Nash, Jhené Aiko, Alyssa […]