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Jackie Strause

Managing Editor, East Coast

Jackie Strause manages the breaking news team out of the New York bureau, covering 24/7 entertainment news and industry reporting. In addition to editing, she also writes TV feature stories and interviews with stars and showrunners. She came to in 2015 and is among the 2022 LA Press Club awards winners for THR's TV coverage on The Live Feed. Jackie previously worked on the digital teams at Yahoo and The New York Post. She graduated from the University of Maryland, with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Tom Cruise Speeds Off a Cliff in ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part One’ Trailer

Ethan Hunt’s next mission is going to cost him dearly. The new trailer for Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning: Part One reveals more of what Tom Cruise has in store when he returns to the IMF agent role he originated in 1996. The seventh installment in the billion-dollar action-spy franchise returns familiar faces and sees […]

How ‘Veep’ Led to ‘White House Plumbers’ and Why Watergate (With a New Spin) Is Ripe for Revisiting

White House Plumbers shouldn’t require a spoiler warning. The HBO miniseries is about the Watergate scandal. But, since it’s told from the perspective of Nixon’s political saboteurs, E. Howard Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux), the five-episode satirical drama covers a ton of ground that the average person is likely coming upon […]

‘Succession’ Creator on Election Night Episode, Trump Echoes and That Roy Sibling Rift

[This story contains spoilers from season four, episode eight of Succession: “America Decides.”] Jesse Armstrong says he always wanted to do a presidential election on Succession. It was more of a question of where in the series he would tackle it, he says, ultimately deciding that it should come in the final season after Logan […]

‘Yellowjackets’ Star Courtney Eaton on That Brutal Fight and Season 2 Schism

[This story contains spoilers from the seventh episode of Yellowjackets season two, “Burial.”] Ever since Yellowjackets co-showrunner Jonathan Lisco said that cannibalism wouldn’t be the most transgressive plot point of the second season of Showtime’s hit survival series, the audience has been wondering: What could be more morally confronting than watching that Jackie feast? The seventh episode, […]

Want to Join Lottie’s Cult? ‘Yellowjackets’ Lures Viewers With Easter Egg

[This story contains spoilers from the seventh episode of Yellowjackets season two, “Burial.”] Sunshine Honey’s Wellness Community is opening its doors to Yellowjackets viewers. The Showtime series launched a stunt in the seventh episode of its second season, but only a viewer with citizen detective skills at the level of Walter (Elijah Wood) and Misty […]

Elizabeth Olsen on ‘Love & Death’ Aftermath of the Killing: “People Convince Themselves of a Truth”

[This story contains spoilers from the first five episodes of Love & Death.] There’s a method to the madness of Love & Death‘s release. After three episodes of spending time in the bucolic and beautiful setting of Candy Montgomery’s (Elizabeth Olsen) church community in Wylie Texas, the fourth episode of the true-crime Max series shattered that […]

Sophie Nélisse on How ‘Yellowjackets’ Birth Episode “Smacks Them Back Into Reality”

[This story contains major spoilers from the sixth episode of Yellowjackets season two, “Qui.”] Yellowjackets delivered an answer to the looming question around the fate of Shauna’s baby in the 1996 wilderness, and the actress who plays her, Sophie Nélisse, says plainly, “She will not come back from it easily.” The sixth episode of season two, “Qui,” […]

‘Succession’ Star Matthew Macfadyen Unpacks That Balcony Fight: “Something Breaks”

[This story contains spoilers for the seventh episode of Succession season four, “Tailgate Party.”] With three episodes left in the series, Succession ended its latest episode with a major blowup. After dancing a strategic waltz around the status of their relationship all season long, Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) and Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) finally decided to confront […]

‘Yellowjackets’ Finally Answers the Question Around Shauna’s Baby

[This story contains major spoilers from the sixth episode of Yellowjackets season two, “Qui.”] Ever since Javi returned, the Yellowjackets clock has been ticking on answering the other big question from season one: What will happen to Shauna’s baby? The answer came in the sixth episode of the Showtime hit’s second season, “Qui,” which was written by […]

Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan on ‘Fatal Attraction’ Hesitations and “Tricky Balancing Act” of Revisiting Alex Forrest

[This story contains spoilers to the first three episodes of Paramount+’s Fatal Attraction.] Glenn Close has made her thoughts on Fatal Attraction known in the conversation around the legacy of the iconic 1987 film that co-starred herself and Michael Douglas. Reading about Close’s character work, the original (and then retooled) ending to the erotic thriller and Close’s […]

‘FBoy Island’ Lands at The CW After Max Cancellation

FBoy Island is moving locations. The reality dating competition series has been picked up for a third season by The CW after its cancellation at Max with returning host Nikki Glaser. The franchise also announces the new spinoff series FGirl Island, also hosted by Glaser — a seed that had been planted by creator Elan […]

Why the ‘Fatal Attraction’ Series Wants You to Forget How the Movie Ended

[This story contains mild spoilers to the first three episodes of Paramount+’s Fatal Attraction.] Fatal Attraction is an iconic part of cinema. Adrian Lyne’s thriller starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close topped the box office charts after it released in 1987 to become the second-highest-grossing film of the year. It earned six Oscar nominations, inspired […]