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“The Streaming Business Is War”: An Excerpt From HBO Oral History ‘Tinderbox’

It’s hard to imagine a cash crunch involving mega meta AT&T, but that’s exactly what was going on at WarnerMedia in 2020 and 2021. The crunch required adjustments to be made to HBO Max planning, and the big question that had been asked since AT&T had taken over in 2018 — whether its streaming service […]

James Andrew Miller: Jemele Hill Waves Goodbye to ESPN and Hello to “Places Where Discomfort Is OK”

In Jemele Hill's first interview after leaving ESPN, the often outspoken anchor and reporter talks about the fallout from her anti-Trump tweets, and her new role as a writer for 'The Atlantic'.

James Andrew Miller: CAA’s Michael Ovitz Writes His Memoir — And Re-Writes Hollywood History

James Andrew Miller calls into question some of the retelling of events in 'Who Is Michael Ovitz?' and offers his take on Ovitz's new book.

John Skipper Details His ESPN Exit and a Cocaine Extortion Plot

The former network chief goes public in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about the real reason behind his abrupt departure from Disney after 27 years, a .confession to Bob Iger and his hope to work in sports media again.

The Anthony Pellicano Prison Interview: Hollywood’s Notorious Fixer on His Victims, Enablers and a Coming Release

With just a year to go in his sentence for wiretapping and other crimes, Pellicano speaks for the first time in detail about star clients like Michael Jackson and the late studio chief Brad Grey, those who turned their backs on him ("Rats are worse than child molesters") and his showbiz legacy ("People got away with a lot because of me").

James Andrew Miller: Inside an ESPN President’s Shocking Exit (and Bob Iger’s Possible Role)

John Skipper cited "substance addiction" as the reason for abruptly stepping down in December, but both his actions before the announcement and Disney's incentives to push him out suggest a different narrative, writes the author of an oral history of ESPN.

James Andrew Miller: Why ESPN Could Abandon NFL Football (Guest Column)

It’s not outlandish to entertain a previously unthinkable prospect: Might ESPN elect to go without rights to NFL games?

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ The Early Years: Crazy Auditions and the Art of the Cringe

In an excerpt from the 'Origins' podcast, creator Larry David and the cast dish on the origins of the HBO hit 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' ahead of Season 9.

James Andrew Miller: ESPN Executive Shake-Up Ushers in “New World Order” (Guest Column)

John Skipper confronts declining subscriber numbers, soft ratings and rising rights fees and possibly anoints a successor with three promotions.

Who Will Win 2017 as Hollywood’s Talent Agencies Battle to Get Big (Guest Column)

IPOs? Probably not this year, but growth is the obsession at CAA, which is exploring a China deal, and WME-IMG, whose leaders know that owning content means never getting fired, writes 'Powerhouse' author James Andrew Miller.

Hollywood Flashback: Tom Cruise Reveals How He Landed His First Hollywood Agent at 19

"I didn't go to acting class. I didn't go to film school. Film school was every single day that I was making a movie," says the actor in an exclusive excerpt from James Andrew Miller's new book 'Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists.'

Hollywood Flashback: Dustin Hoffman Remembers When Michael?Ovitz Saved ‘Tootsie’

Helmer Sydney Pollack "was ambivalent right from the get-go, and he was not a particularly collaborative director," the actor recalls of his passion project in an exclusive excerpt from James Andrew Miller's new book 'Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists.'