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Jason Diamond

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‘Mo’ Creator and Star Mo Amer Keeps the Faith on His Netflix Series

At its core, Netflix’s Mo is a show about faith. There’s the faith Mo Amer’s character and his family have in the American legal system that they hope will make them citizens after years of living as refugees, but there’s also religious faith — Mo’s Islamic beliefs, his Mexican American girlfriend’s Catholicism, and the idea […]

‘The White Lotus’ Star Michael Imperioli on Joining Season 2: “It’s Like You’re on a New Show, But It’s Already a Hit”

Being attached to a big role on one of the most respected television shows in history is the ultimate double-edged sword in entertainment, even more so if that role was as a member of the Italian mob. Michael Imperioli should know that better than anybody, since most people would immediately recognize him as Christopher Moltisanti, […]

‘Winning Time’ Basketball Trainer on How the Cast Pulled Off Slam Dunk Performances

Considering it’s a show about one of the greatest basketball teams ever, it makes sense that the people operating behind the scenes of HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty had to function like a coaching staff, getting veteran actors John C. Reilly and Adrien Brody to work alongside breakouts like Quincy Isaiah […]

How Matthew Goode Brought Robert Evans Back to Life in ‘The Offer’

Transforming yourself into a Hollywood icon is one thing, but for Matthew Goode to really pull off playing Robert Evans — a titan of 1970s cinema who helped make some of the biggest movies in history happen — he had to go all-in. It wasn’t just the suits and the late Paramount producer’s penchant for […]