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Guest Column: ‘As We See It’ Showrunner Jason Katims on Why Authentic Casting Is Important

When Amazon called to tell me that they were greenlighting the pilot episode of As We See It, the euphoria of getting a pickup quickly morphed into low-level anxiety. Then some physical discomfort. And finally, straight-out panic. While the show is an adaptation of the beautiful Israeli show On the Spectrum, it is also a […]

‘As We See It’ Creator Jason Katims: Why My Son Hates My TV Shows (Guest Column)

My wife and I stepped out of the limo, returning home from the Kodak Theatre, back in the days when people actually attended awards shows in real life. We were arriving triumphant, a shining new Emmy nestled in my arms. We walked into the house and my daughter leaped into my arms to congratulate me. […]

‘Parenthood’ Showrunner Jason Katims Pens Emotional Farewell to Show (Guest Column)

What began with real-life death, illness and drama turned into a six-season run on NBC as Katims, writing for THR, reveals the roller coaster of what went very right — and wrong — when tackling the final episode.

Emmys 2012: ‘Parenthood’ EP Jason Katims on Why Teen Actor Max Burkholder Deserves an Emmy

Under 18 equals overlooked. Now the showrunner of the NBC drama makes the case for why his cast member should be recognized for his portrayal of an autistic son.

Why My Child Actor Deserves an Emmy

THE RACE: "Parenthood's" Jason Katims makes the case for teen Max Burkholder performance as an autistic son.