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Jeff Bond

Alexandre Desplat sinks his teeth into ‘New Moon’

Alexandre Desplat sinks his teeth into the score for 'New Moon'

Seventeen composers primed to take their place on the A-list

Seventeen composers primed to take their place on the A-list

Oscar Watch: Song and score

This year's best original score contenders discuss their processes.

Golden Army: Crafting an Oscar contender<br />

Seven A-listers discuss crafting this year's early Oscar score contenders.

Composing for the sci-fi genre

From Bernard Herrmann to John Williams, composers working in the sci-fi genre have a universe of inspiration to draw upon.

Oscar nominees push boundaries of traditional score

What is a "traditional score," and why are they saying such terrible things about it?

Composing scary sounds not for the faint of heart

From the double-bass pulse that signals the presence of the giant shark in "Jaws," to the shrieking strings that slice along with Norman Bates' knife in "Psycho's" famous shower scene, horror films…

Best original scares

13 seminal horror scores to chill the blood

Indie labels on the right track with movie music

Despite widespread record industry woes, indie soundtrack labels eke out an impressive existence on the fringe

How 9 top screen composers hit the high-A list

Nine composers on the verge of reaching the A-list share the secrets of their craft

Wild about Harry

While Gregson-Williams has had a lifelong passion for music, the former choirboy admits he didn't always know what to do with it. He reflects on his illustrious career as a film composer.

Playing favorites

The prolific composer discusses a handful of his most memorable scores.