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Jeff Menell

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‘Howards End’: THR’s 1992 Review

On Feb. 27, 1992, Sony Pictures Classics held the premiere for James Ivory's Howards End adaptation in New York. The film would go on to earn nine Oscar nominations at the 65th Academy Awards, winning three, including best actress for Emma Thompson, adapted screenplay and art direction. The Hollywood Reporter's original review is below:   From […]

‘Sister Act’: THR’s 1992 Review

On May 29, 1992, Touchstone Pictures unveiled the Whoopi Goldberg comedy Sister Act in theaters, where it went on to be a summer hit and grossed $139 million stateside, not adjusted for inflation. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is below:  It’s hard to predict how God will react to the abundantly irreverent humor, but mere […]

‘Death Becomes Her’: THR’s 1992 Review

On July 31, 1992, Universal unveiled Robert Zemeckis’ dark comedy Death Becomes Her, starring Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is below:  Just when you think Death Becomes Her has gone as far over the top as possible, you discover there are many more walls to climb. Director Robert […]

‘City Slickers’: THR’s 1991 Review

On June 7, 1991, Columbia Pictures unveiled buddy comedy City Slickers in theaters nationwide, where it became a summer hit. The Hollywood Reporter’s original review is below:  Both city and country folk will be stampeding into the theaters to see the uproarious City Slickers. Billy Crystal forgets about Sally and learns about friendship and driving […]