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Joe Bel Bruno

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Sony CEO Hirai Tells SPE Film, TV Execs: Studio Not for Sale

The Tokyo-based executive told some 100 employees at the studio's Culver City lot that he has no intention to sell Sony Pictures and will "hang a sign from the water tower saying 'not for sale.'"

Charter, NBCUniversal Extend Contract Talks to Avoid Blackout

The two sides have been at an impasse for days ahead of a midnight Dec. 31 deadline. A dispute would have put all of NBCUniversal's programming, including E! and Bravo, into a blackout for Charter's…

Disney Not Giving Thanks to Cord Cutters: ESPN Loses 2 Million Subscriptions in 2016

Disney chief executive Bob Iger has been wrangling with subscription losses at ESPN, but there might be a silver lining.

AT&T Buys Time Warner in Transformative Hollywood Deal for Cord-Cutting Age

AT&T's acquisition will provide a massive amount of content to beam to its wireless, broadband and satellite TV customers.

Trump “Pussy” Tapes Triple His Newscast Airtime Over Hillary (Not That She’s Complaining)

Thanks to the 'Access Hollywood' leak, the Big Three networks' news bosses went all in with their coverage, as revealed by a minute-by-minute count.

Read What Roger Ailes Wrote to Rupert Murdoch After Resigning

The Fox News chief sent a letter to the media mogul right after he resigned from the cable network after a 20-year career tainted by accusations of sexual harassment.

Viacom Parent Changes Bylaws to Block Paramount Sale

A unanimous vote is now required for any financial transaction involving Paramount Pictures.

AT&T Latest Bidder for Yahoo’s Internet Business (Report)

Executives decided in recent weeks to join the fray, according to Bloomberg.

L.A.’s Mystery Banker Behind Hollywood’s China Money

Dominic Ng is already fielding calls from Chinese investors interested in Paramount, as the low-profile chairman/CEO of East West Bank is one of the few financial connectors between U.S. studios…

Trump vs. Fox News “Looks Like Pro Wrestling” as Experts Take Sides

"Candidates sometimes like to work the refs," Fox debate moderator Chris Wallace says. "The feeling is if I'm tough, if I accuse them of bias ahead of time, maybe they'll go a little easier on me in…