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Jonathan Holland

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‘A Mother’ (‘Una Madre’): Film Review

Colombian Diógenes Cuevas' debut drama 'A Mother' revolves around a son who rescues his schizophrenic mother from an asylum.

‘Schoolgirls’ (‘Las Niñas’): Film Review

Pilar Palomero’s debut about a group of provincial Spanish schoolgirls growing up in 1992 featured in the Berlin Film Festival’s youth-centered Generation kPlus sidebar.

‘Out in the Open’ (‘Intemperie’): Film Review

Set in the southern Spanish badlands, Benito Zambrano’s Western-thriller mashup "Out in the Open" unpacks the surrogate father-son relationship between a runaway and a shepherd.

‘And the Birds Rained Down’ (‘Il pleuvait des oiseaux’): Film Review | San Sebastián 2019

‘And the Birds Rained Down,’ the third feature from Canadian Louise Archambault, explores the impact of outside intrusions on the lives of a of trio old-timers living in the wild.

‘The Endless Trench’ (‘La Trinchera Infinita’): Film Review | San Sebastián 2019

The Basque team responsible for 'Flowers' and 'Giant' go Spanish language with 'The Endless Trench,' their compelling take on the life of a man who spent thirty-three years hiding out in his own home.

‘The Good Intentions’ (‘Las Buenas Intenciones’): Film Review | TIFF 2019

Ana Garcia Blaya’s feel-good debut 'The Good Intentions' tells the story of a young girl growing up with a slacker father in '90s Argentina.

‘The Sleepwalkers’ (‘Los Sonámbulos’): Film Review | TIFF 2019

The underlying tensions of an Argentinian family on vacation are put under the microscope in 'The Sleepwalkers,' Paula Hernández’s feature follow-up to 'One Love.'

‘Spider’ (‘Araña’): Film Review | TIFF 2019

Past and present live in uneasy juxtaposition in 'Spider,' Chilean Andrés Wood's political thriller about a gang of right-wing revolutionaries who grow up in radically different ways.

‘While at War’ (‘Mientras Dure La Guerra’): Film Review | TIFF 2019

THR review: 'While at War,' Alejandro Amenábar’s first all-Spanish film since his Oscar-winning 'The Sea Inside,' explores a fascinating footnote to the Spanish Civil War against the wider backdrop of Franco’s rise to power.

‘Ojos Negros’: Film Review

A university project funded by a Spanish producer, the co-directed debut ‘Ojos Negros’ recounts a young girl’s life-changing summer in a remote Spanish pueblo.

‘The Awakening of the Ants’ (‘El Despertar de la Hormigas’): Film Review

Costa Rican Antonella Sudasassi’s first feature, ‘The Awakening of the Ants,' depicts the struggles of a young woman to escape the shackles of family.

‘The Weasel’s Tale’ (‘El Cuento de las Comadrejas’): Film Review

'The Weasel's Tale,' Juan Jose Campanella’s first live-action feature since his ‘The Secret in Their Eyes’ won the 2010 best foreign film Oscar, is an inter-generational comedy that's one of the big Argentinian releases of the year.