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Joshua Stecker

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Comic-Con: Metallica Blows The Roof Off Hall H

The band makes their highly anticipated debut at the convention and premieres a new scene from "Metallica Through the Never."

Tribeca: ‘Big Joy’ Filmmakers Celebrate the Life of Artist James Broughton (Q&A)

Using rare, archival footage and interviews with Broughton's friends and family, co-directors Stephen Silha and Eric Slade explore the life of one of the most influential artists to come out of the San Francisco Renaissance.

Tribeca: David Gordon Green Lets Rudd, Hirsch Loose in ‘Prince Avalanche’ (Q&A)

Taking a break from his previous buddy comedy films like "The Sitter" and "Pineapple Express," the director tries his hand at adapting the Icelandic dramedy "Either Way."

Tribeca: ‘Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia’ Filmmaker on the Late Author’s Life and Legacy (Q&A)

Australian filmmaker Nicholas Wrathall's thorough documentary on Vidal's life paints an intimate portrait of a man many revere as one of America's last great intellectuals.

SXSW: Is James Franco’s Art Imitating Life in ‘Maladies’? (Q&A)

Writer-director Carter says Franco's character, a soap opera actor-turned-writer with a mental disorder, shares some traits with the "Spring Breakers" star.

SXSW: ‘Broadway Idiot’ Filmmakers ‘Never’ Saw Signs of Billie Joe Armstrong’s Addiction (Q&A)

The Green Day frontman was a mentor, father figure and even a softball teammate while performing with the cast of Broadway's "American Idiot."

SXSW: ‘Rewind This!’ Filmmakers on VHS Vs. Beta, Campy Horror Films and Searching for Japanese Porn (Q&A)

Director Josh Johnson's doc is a love letter to the outdated medium and explores how VHS revolutionized people's relationship with media.

SXSW: ‘Continental’ Director Malcolm Ingram on ‘Gay Fatigue,’ Bette Midler and His Fallout With Kevin Smith (Q&A)

From dealings with the mob to discovering The Divine Miss M, the filmmaker speaks frankly about bringing the story of New York's most notorious bathhouse to the screen.

SXSW: ‘Good Night’ Filmmaker Discusses Partying Through Tragedy (Q&A)

Austin filmmaker Sean Gallagher, along with actors Jonny Mars and Alex Karpovsky, discuss the film's inspiration, its sensitive subject matter, and the state of the Austin film community.

SXSW: ‘The Retrieval’ Filmmaker Talks Slavery, Civil War Re-enactors and Tackling the N-Word (Q&A)

Writer/director Chris Eska also shrugs off comparisons to "Django Unchained" and reveals how free barbecue and gas bought him a Civil War battle scene.

SXSW: ‘Girls’ Star Alex Karpovsky Spills Secrets on Season Finale

The actor, who is promoting his latest indie film "Good Night," says his character Ray will enter into a "deeper and darker" place in his relationship with Shoshanna.

‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan to Direct Series Finale

It will mark only the fifth time he has been in the director's chair during the AMC drama's five-season run.