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If Hollywood’s a High School, Who’s in the Drama Club? The Chess Club? The Hellfire Club?

Drama Club The Don’t Worry Darling gang Much like the film itself, a psychological thriller set in a Mad Men-era utopia, the PR campaign for Don’t Worry Darling saw a web of cracks undermine a picture-perfect facade. The internet obsession of late summer consisted of a series of mysteries: Was original co-star Shia LaBeouf fired […]

“The Film Is a Lot More Relevant Than We Thought When We Started”: ‘THR Presents’ Q&A With the Makers of ‘Argentina 1985′

Argentinian director Santiago Mitre and actor and producer Ricardo Darín recently sat down for a THR Presents conversation, powered by Vision Media, to discuss their film Argentina 1985, the titular country’s submission for the best international feature Oscar. The Amazon original film revisits the historic 1985 trial of the military junta that ruled the country with an iron […]

The Hollywood Reporter’s Celebrity Entrepreneur of the Year: Kevin Hart

By the middle of the past decade, Kevin Hart had climbed about as high up the comedy mountaintop as it was possible to go, reliably filling arenas, releasing top-ranked Netflix specials and pumping out No. 1 box office hits like The Upside and Ride Along. But for Hart, getting rich and famous was just the […]

#MeToo Five Years Later: A Timeline of Allegations, Accountability and Activism

Unless otherwise noted, the accused denied some or all of the allegations against them. 2006 Activist Tarana Burke coins “Me Too” on MySpace. 2014 Oct. 17: Comedian Hannibal Buress’ riff about Bill Cosby resurfaces long-ignored rape accusations. An investigation of Cosby follows. 2016 July 21: Fox News chairman Roger Ailes is forced out amid allegations […]

“I Would Not Have Signed On to Remake ‘The Godfather'”: THR Presents’ Q&A With Miles Teller and Cast of The Offer’

As the 10th and final episode of The Offer arrives to Paramount+ this week, several of its creators reunited for a THR Presents conversation powered by Vision Media to discuss the limited series, about the genesis of The Godfather. Bouncing from Hollywood backlots to the New York criminal underworld to Sicily, the show makes clear […]

‘Angelyne’ Investigator Gary Baum on Searching Out the True Story Behind the Hollywood Icon

For decades, countless Angelenos wondered about the identity of the mysterious blonde bombshell who appeared on hundreds of billboards across town beginning in the mid ’80s, most bearing little but her pseudonym: Angelyne. A precursor to famous-for-being-famous megastars like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, Angelyne was the ultimate pop-culture tease. Her intention was to pique […]

AFI Founder George Stevens Jr.’s Memoir Spans Hollywood and Washington

The term “Hollywood royalty” gets easily bandied about, but few entertainment figures have a stronger claim to showbiz aristocracy than George Stevens Jr., director, producer, screenwriter, playwright and founder of the American Film Institute and the Kennedy Center Honors, among other distinctions. His father, George Stevens Sr., directed some of the most enduring classics of […]

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on Life in New York and Sharing Top Billing: “We’ve Never Spent This Much Time Together”

Signs and banners advertising the revival of Neil Simon’s Plaza Suite went up on 43rd Street’s Hudson Theatre in early March 2020. Above the marquee were glamorous portraits of its stars, Sarah Jessica Parker, 57, and Matthew Broderick, 60, New York’s most famous — and famously private — acting couple sharing a stage together for […]

David Simon, Jon Bernthal and the Makers of HBO’s ‘We Own This City’ on Dirty Cops, the Drug War and the Legacy of ‘The Wire’

David Simon may have left The Baltimore Sun’s crime desk more than 20 years ago, but he never lost his nose for a good story — nor his commitment to chronicling the ravages of the war on drugs in his hometown. His nonfiction books on the subject, Homicide and The Corner (the latter written with […]

‘Star Wars’ Maestro Anthony Parnther on His Carnegie Hall Debut With All-Black Orchestra

Anthony Parnther was on a mission. When chatting via Zoom in late March, the conductor and bassoonist was calling in from a hotel room in Kansas City. “I actually came up here to buy a very specific contrabassoon, which is sitting right over there,” he said, pointing to the cumbersome woodwind behind him. “I grabbed […]

Demi Lovato’s “Ancient Egyptian” Artifacts Draw Suspicion: “I Thought It Was a Joke”

It’s hard to explain the hypnotic allure of unboxing videos. But in a clip Demi Lovato posted on Instagram Stories over the weekend, the appeal was clear: The items unpacked were Egyptian antiquities and cuneiform tablets dating back millennia. Supposedly. “OK, I’m so excited, some really incredible things came in the mail today,” they narrated. […]

‘What Happened in Skinner’ and the Art of Podcast World-Building

In the first episode of What Happened in Skinner, journalist Marlowe Verne plays audio from a disturbing viral video: During a YouTube livestream, in which hosts discuss eerie found footage from 1929 on the island of Skinner, Oregon, we hear the sound of a violent home invasion. Over the course of 12 episodes, Verne traces […]