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Julian Sancton

‘What Happened in Skinner’ and the Art of Podcast World-Building

In the first episode of What Happened in Skinner, journalist Marlowe Verne plays audio from a disturbing viral video: During a YouTube livestream, in which hosts discuss eerie found footage from 1929 on the island of Skinner, Oregon, we hear the sound of a violent home invasion. Over the course of 12 episodes, Verne traces […]

Why Tiffany Haddish Is the Unofficial Podcast Queen

Tiffany Haddish does not have a podcast of her own — and it’s hard to see how she’d find the time, what with all her stops on other people’s podcasts. The comedian and actress’ ability to fill airtime with unfiltered, off-the-cuff anecdotes as hosts sit back and cackle has made her one of the most […]

‘Lupin’ Theft Eyewitness: Robbers Were “Kids With Firecrackers”

When word got out that the set of the hit French-language Netflix series Lupin had been robbed, it was hard not to see the irony. The incident seemed ripped from the series itself, a contemporary spin on Maurice Leblanc’s classic novels about the gentleman thief Arsène Lupin. As first reported by AFP and Le Parisien, […]

The Top 10 Podcasts of the Year: Ambies 2022

From true crime to sci-fi, this year’s top award category from the Podcast Academy includes both behemoths like Bill Simmons and indie upstarts including 'Earth Eclipsed.'

Six Degrees of Keith David: The Character Actor Beats Kevin Bacon at His Own Game

Even if you don’t remember his name, you’ve seen his face. More importantly, you’ve heard his voice. With his trademark baritone, Keith David is the ultimate “that guy,” the quintessential Blackfamous character actor, as effective in dramas (Greenleaf) as he is in screwball comedies (There’s Something About Mary) and animation (The Princess and the Frog). […]

‘In the Heat of the Night’ Star Lee Grant Remembers Sidney Poitier: “He Was Ahead of Everybody”

In excerpts from an interview, actress and Oscar-winning filmmaker Lee Grant reflects on the legacy of Sidney Poitier, her In the Heat of the Night (1967) co-star, who died this week at age 94. Grant also directed an American Masters documentary on Poitier in 2000. Sidney was ahead of everybody. He broke the mold as […]