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Karsten Kastelan

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Oldenburg Film Festival Celebrates 20 Years of Independent Spirit

Budget cuts and local political infighting haven't stopped Germany's answer to Sundance from celebrating its second decade in style.

Brawler: Film Review

New addition to the current crop of fight films is Chris Sivertson’s "Brawler," which takes place on New Orlean’s illegal riverboat-boxing circuit.

Hell: Film Review

German director Tim Fehlbaum uses a bleak scenario for a visually bright but atmospherically dark thriller that is built around its characters’ common distrust during the first half, then switches genres by introducing a common enemy.

Soccer Film ‘Der Ganz Grosse Traum’ Gets Wild Card to German Best Film Nom

The feature was snubbed on the initial long-list of Lola nominees but received a flood of write-in ballots from members of the German Film Academy.

The Fatherless: Berlin Review

Austrian director Marie Kreutzer’s film about the death of a patriarch that draws family members back home has mixed results.

Looking for Simon: Berlin Review

German director Jan Kruger’s Marseille-set drama about a mother looking for her son has more to do with soul searching than with the quest to find an actual person.

If Not Us, Who: Berlin Review

German filmmaker Andres Veiel's Berlinale award-winning film tries to unravel how a group of young people from good homes could turn into terrorists, but doesn't provide enough insight.

The Big Eden: Berlin Review

Octogenarian Rolf Eden is probably the opposite of an enigma, since his life receives constant coverage in Germany’s tabloids and on television.

Almanya — Willkommen in Deutschland: Berlin Review

Debut feature from Yasemin Samdereli looks at the hot button issues of Turkish immigration and integration in Germany.

Habermann — Film Review

It takes a brave soul to tackle a World War II film about the atrocities directed against the Germans at war’s end. Czech director Juraj Herz is that brave soul

Majority — Film Review

This Turkish film, which won first feature awards in Venice and Mumbai, as well as three Golden Orange Awards (Turkey’s “Oscars”), can also be seen as a veiled indictment of Turkey’s not-so-silent majority as a whole.

Max Schmeling — Film Review

"Max Schmeling" turns out to be a run-of-the-mill biography without the outrageous quirks, shoddy storytelling and cliche-laden plots that have made the prolific filmmaker a regular at the Razzies.