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Katie Wilson Berg

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Stephen Colbert, James Corden Riff on Donald Trump vs. the Pope

"I mean do you know how wrong you have to be for a pope to dislike you? The Pope's entire thing is literally forgiveness. Pope John Paul hung out with the guy who tried to assassinate him. And now Francis is like, 'I just can't with this Trump guy.' "

Oscars: Women Accounted for 19 Percent of Non-Acting Nominations Over Past 10 Years (Study)

The women's media center concluded that men dominate the categories that represent the most influential roles in filmmaking.

“Tweet of God” Twitter Account Done: Author Reveals Why He’s Stopping

Like the Almighty perhaps, the prolific writer and 'Daily Show' producer wants to think bigger than 140 characters.

Anthony Anderson Backs Up Samuel L. Jackson’s Claim That Donald Trump Cheated at Golf

"Trump is a great golfer. I'm not going to say Trump cheats. His caddy cheats for him."

Stephen Colbert Pays Tribute to Antonin Scalia’s “Great Sense of Humor”

The left-leaning host shared a surprising story about the conservative Justice's welcome laughter after Colbert bombed at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner.

John Oliver Gets ‘Lord of the Rings’ Director Peter Jackson to Wave Sex Toy Flag on ‘Last Week Tonight’

Oliver kicked off the third season of his weekly HBO show with a gleeful bit about the latest political shenanigans in New Zealand, after being asked to cover the incident.

William Shatner Opens Up About Deathbed Rift With Leonard Nimoy and Their Long Friendship (Q&A)

"I don't know why he stopped talking to me," says the actor, who spoke with THR about 'Leonard,' his new memoir about Mr. Spock.

Ted Cruz Spoofs ‘Office Space’ Scene in South Carolina Campaign Ad

The Republican presidential candidate goes "gangsta" in new attack ad.

Betty White Reviews ‘Deadpool’: “I Give It Four Golden Girls”

"Once in a generation a movie comes along that your whole family will love — if your family is a screwed-up bunch of French-kissing inbreds."

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ Rehearsal Script to be Released as eBook

It goes on sale July 31, the day after the play premieres in London.

Super Bowl 50’s #HotRef on Newfound Fame: “The Guys in the Locker Room Were Giving Me Some Business”

"It was one of those things when it happened, I thought, 'Oh it's just a couple tweets,' but then it got that momentum. It started blowing up."

Ben Stiller Hawks Female Viagra in ‘Tonight Show’ Ad

"You only take it when you need it, like anniversaries, special occasions or when your husband rolls over and says, 'Wanna have sex?' "