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Kristen Lopez

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How ‘The Lodge’ Dismantles Gender and Mental Illness Tropes

'The Lodge' is all about the ways women negate their own feelings in order to be considered pretty, suitable and normal.

How ‘Black Christmas’ Caps a Standout Year for Women in Horror

'Black Christmas' serves as a companion piece to 'Ready or Not' in re-examining gender dynamics within the genre.

‘Terminator’ and a Complicated Legacy of Female Empowerment

James Cameron's 'Terminator' franchise has been both praised and attacked for decades, and 'Dark Fate' finally takes its critics head-on.

‘Joker’ and When Physical Disability Is the Punchline

Joker's reliance on tropes overshadows the valid critiques on disability culture its wants to make.

The Trouble With ‘Toy Story 4’ and Its Disability Narrative

'Toy Story 4's' Gabby Gabby is a charming villain, but she continues a trend of disabled characters seeking to "fix" themselves.

How ‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ Revives ’60s Nostalgia

'Bad Times at the El Royale' isn’t the only film to take a walk down the road that is 1969. Next year director Quentin Tarantino will examine the same time period with 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.'

How ‘Christopher Robin’ Erases Part of Winnie the Pooh History

The daughter of the real-life Christopher Robin was born with cerebral palsy and went on to become a philanthropic figure, but the film doesn’t hint at that.

Why ‘Deep Impact’ Couldn’t Top ‘Armageddon’

Twenty years after Mimi Leder's film fought and lost to Michael Bay's blockbuster, it's time to revisit the more cerebreal of the two 1998 asteroid disaster movies.

How ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Plays in the #MeToo Era

The trilogy's black and white messaging on consent and abuse of power feels like a relic of an era past.

How ‘Shape of Water’ Breaks Down Barriers About Sex and Disability

Sally Hawkins' performance takes on added importance when considering how rare it is to see characters with disabilities having healthy sexual relationships onscreen.

‘The Mist’ Is Still Relevant for Unfortunate Reasons

The film's xenophobia reads differently ten years later, but shows society hasn't changed totally for the better.

How ‘Flatliners’ Atones for the Gender Sins of the Original

The remake should be praised for attempting to rectify some of the 1990 film's grosser examples of misogyny.