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Larry Gerbrandt

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Move toward 3D TV is complex, controversial

Commentary: Given the boxoffice success of "Avatar," it is likely that most studio tentpoles will be shot in 3D from now on. The question for 3D TV is a lot more complex and controversial.

Does movie marketing matter?

The latest analysis of studio marketing costs suggests that big-time spending on tentpoles mostly does pay off.

TV viewing in home at all-time high

Despite the fear and loathing of new media in Hollywood, the digital lessons of the past decade point to the same conclusion: The TV set in the home is the American hearth.

Hour dramas face risky economics

NBC's scramble to fill the gaping Monday-to-Friday hole in its schedule left by the failed Jay Leno talk show is putting new focus on the economics of hour dramas, the traditional fare of the 10 p.m…

Retransmission has the TV biz abuzz

A miracle cure for the Great Ad Depression or a substance more addictive than crack cocaine? Either way, "retrans" has the biz all abuzz -- and consumers beginning to worry.