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Laura Entis

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Keegan-Michael Key, Michael Bloomberg Help Raise $20M for Refugees

"There should be an initiative in our government that sets up safe zones for people from anywhere in the world to come here," Key told THR.

Cate Blanchett Honored for Her Chameleon-like Prowess at The MoMA Film Benefit

The Oscar-winning actress referenced the attacks in Paris and Beirut in her acceptance speech.

‘Pixels’: 1980s Arcade Nostalgia Permeates Premiere of Adam Sandler’s New Movie

“It was a social thing. You got a buck from your folks and you had to spend it wisely. That’s what it represented for me … grabbing a Coke and checking out boys,” said Michelle Monaghan.

Charlie Hebdo Editors Receive Standing Ovation at PEN Gala, Amid Award Controversy

At the event, attended by Glenn Close, Stockard Channing and Martha Plimpton, editor-in-chief Gérard Biard said of receiving the protested honor, "Not everyone has to agree with us. ... we are used to this kind of controversies."

Tribeca 2015: How the Lake Bell-Starrer ‘Man Up’ Hopes to Rehabilitate the Rom-Com Genre

"A great strong female lead in a comedy is something that is very seductive and highly sought after to an actor who for one writes comedy and also plays it," said Bell, who maintained a British accent throughout filming.

Tribeca 2015: Inconclusive Confusion Abound at ‘The Driftless Area’ World Premiere

Anton Yelchin stars as a bartender who returns home after his parents' death and becomes entangled with a mysterious young woman (Zooey Deschanel) and a violet criminal (John Hawkes).

Tribeca 2015: Jason Sudeikis, Rebecca Hall Fete Their Oblique Rom-Com ‘Tumbledown’

"I'm a grieving widow. It’s not a straightforward comedy at all. But it’s more comedy than anything else."

Jonathan Groff Tears Up During ‘Looking’ Salute, Teases Two-Hour Special at Point Foundation Gala

"When you act, it’s about saving lives," said 'Transparent' star and fellow honoree, Jeffrey Tambor. "It’s about making people safe. It’s about connection and it's about community."

‘Transparent’ Star Jeffrey Tambor Defends Bruce Jenner: “It’s Not Fair…Let’s Get a Perspective on This”

"Jenner can do it the way Jenner wants to do it. If he wants to do it making a documentary, then do it."

‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Aasif Mandvi: Why Trevor Noah Should Get Off Social Media Altogether

"Look, once a month, we have Katz's Deli deliver food for the show. If he cancels that, he's anti-Semitic."

‘Woman in Gold’ Cast, Subjects Talk Real-Life Heirlooms, Being Portrayed by Ryan Reynolds

"When my father was born, they spelled his name C-u-b-i-n; it somehow got changed to Cuban," said Mark Cuban. "The last name on my father’s birth certificate is different than my last name."

Aziz Ansari Wants to Know What Everyone Thinks of His New Netflix Stand-Up Special

The comedian reveals his strategy behind the taped, unscripted moments in 'Live at Madison Square Garden' in which he reads aloud an audience's text messages.