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Terre Haute — Theater Review

Blank Theatre's 20th season kicks off with an upfront, in-your-face play that reduces the American Peril to a love duel between two men, their lifestyles and their attitudes.

In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play — Theater Review

Nearly throughout press night at Sarah Ruhl's new Tony-nominated farce, women onstage and in the audience moaned audibly with sexual and moral pleasure, groaned with the weight of experience in…

They’re Playing Our Song — Theater Review

"They're Playing Our Song" centers on a frank, sexy and neurotic relationship, circa late '80s, that is patterned loosely on its young creators Marvin Hamlisch (aka Vernon Gersch) and Carole Bayer…

Ruined — Theater Review

The play turns out to be a Africa-set frontier love story set in that's reminiscent of 1930s last-frontier movies like "Only Angels Have Wings."

Titus Redux — Theater Review

The world premiere of "Titus Redux" continues John Farmanesh-Bocca's use of Shakespeare as a lens on the West's abuse of power.

Topdog/Underdog — Theater Review

For more than two and a half hours in a one-room, hellish flat, a brutal battle rages between two brothers (M.D. Walton and A.K. Murtadha) betrayed by their own and their country's history. As it…

Bones — Theater Review

The writing -- which has a kind of musical poetry all its own, peppered with repetition as if finally taking rap seriously -- is informed by terrifying reality-based experiences.

Young Frankenstein — Theater Review

In a classic case of life imitating fiction, Mel Brooks' out-of-control updating of his iconic film comedy "Young Frankenstein" embraces whole new generations of theatergoers with nonstop energy and…

Thurgood — Theater Review

For 90 minutes, Laurence Fishburne holds the Geffen Playhouse stage as the first black Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall.

In the Heights — Theater Review

"In the Heights" pays homage to "West Side Story," but it has a unique personality all its own that it leaves to the performers to deliver with conviction and authenticity.

Opus — Theater Review

Making its Los Angeles premiere, "Opus" is anything but funny -- or even optimistic.

All Cake, No File — Theater Review

Donna Jo Thorndale's relentlessly funny, wholly political if mildly controversial one-woman cooking show is a surrealistic, pop culture parody that, despite rough language and occasional cocaine…