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Liz Shannon Miller

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‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’: Ranking the Wildest Crossover Cameos

The five-part 'Arrow'-verse event doesn't just unite the stars of the CW series but other notable heroes and villains from past and present DC Comics adaptations.

Why the First Big ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Tragedy Happened So Early

As soon as it was announced that The CW's DC Comics shows would make 'Crisis on Infinite Earths' its next big crossover event, viewers with even a little bit of comic book knowledge knew this would be a big deal.

How ‘Batwoman’ Is Using Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell to Explore a Different Kind of Coming Out Story

The CW's 'Batwoman' also explores Kate Kane's ex-girlfriend Sophie's complicated sexuality in Episode 7, "Tell Me the Truth."

‘Riverdale’: How Luke Perry’s Death Will Affect Season 4

'Riverdale' executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa explains how the show chose to handle Luke Perry's death, and how it will impact season four.

‘The Loudest Voice’ Finale Reckons With Roger Ailes’ Legacy

Showrunner Alex Metcalf explains why Showtime drama 'The Loudest Voice' is about more than just Fox News CEO Roger Ailes being a sexual predator.

How ‘The Loudest Voice’ Portrays Gretchen Carlson as Its Real Hero

Showrunner Alex Metcalf explains how the fall of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and the rise of the #MeToo moment can be tracked to Gretchen Carlson's bravery, as seen in "The Loudest Voice."

‘The Loudest Voice’ Author on Writing Himself Into the Show

'The Loudest Voice' co-executive producer Gabriel Sherman, played by Fran Kranz in episode five, admits who he (jokingly) wanted to play him on the Showtime drama.

Why ‘The Loudest Voice’ Slow-Played Roger Ailes’ Sexual Harassment — Until It Didn’t

Showtime's limited series 'The Loudest Voice' got even more explicit about sexual harassment by Roger Ailes in its fourth episode, '2009.'

‘The Expanse’ Celebrates Amazon Revival, Previews Season 4

After being canceled at Syfy and then revived for Amazon's Prime Video streaming platform, 'The Expanse's' cast and producers celebrated the show's return Saturday at Comic-Con, including sharing a clip and a teaser trailer for the new season.

Roger Ailes Versus Barack Obama: Fact and Fiction in ‘The Loudest Voice’ Episode 3

Episode 3 of 'The Loudest Voice' on Showtime takes some liberties with what happened between Roger Ailes and Barack Obama in 2008, but its message is consistent with the Fox News leader's hatred of Obama.

How ‘The Loudest Voice’ Depicted 9/11 From Fox News’ POV

'The Loudest Voice' showrunner Alex Metcalf and director Kari Skogland detail the struggle to be sensitive but also honest about 9/11, as seen from the point of view of Roger Ailes and Fox News.

Why Showtime’s Roger Ailes Drama ‘The Loudest Voice’ Begins as an Underdog Story

'The Loudest Voice' showrunner Alex Metcalf explains how the premiere was designed to not just show the birth of Fox News, but also help viewers understand the man who created it.