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Maer Roshan

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Want a Table at Hollywood’s Hottest Power Spot? Inside Sunset Tower’s Maitre D’ Handoff

After spending the past year and a half in a grueling apprenticeship under Dimitri Dimitrov, Gabé Doppelt officially takes the reins as Sunset Tower maitre d’ on Oct. 16.

Tina Brown Unloads on Harvey Weinstein: “He Should Write a Book Titled ‘Monster'” (Q&A)

After being lured from The New Yorker, the legendary editor — whose new book chronicles her buzzy tenure at Vanity Fair — helped Weinstein found Talk, experiencing his charm and rage firsthand: "He had the thinnest skin of anyone."

Legendary Editor Harry Evans Has This to Say About Today’s “Deeply Polluted” Media

The 87-year-old explains how he was fired by Rupert Murdoch, why The New York Times and the Washington Post have lost their influence, wife Tina Brown's mistaken decision to work with a "seductive" Harvey Weinstein and his own current foray into the Oscar race — with said Harvey Weinstein.

Four Seasons Restaurant: When Anna Wintour Was Served Raccoon and Other Amazing Tales

Julian Niccolini — the colorful proprietor of New York's loftiest lunch room, set to close later this month — opens up about his A-list clientele, from past presidents to Donald Trump, why the Pool Room is more desirable than the Grill Room and why "Silicon Valley types" choose to eat elsewhere.

Larry Kramer Talks Gay Marriage and ‘Normal Heart’ Sequel, Says Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy “Were Both Gay”

At 80, Kramer is the subject of a glowing HBO documentary and the author of a controversial new book. After he barely survived a near- death experience last fall, many people expected the activist and author to gently exit the stage. But now recovered, and feisty as ever, he opens up to THR about everything from Lincoln's homosexuality to his own marriage.

Michael Bloomberg’s Office Is … a Cubicle?!

Yep, the co-founder, CEO and president of Bloomberg LP — a $22.5 billion conglomerate — has no private office (really, he says) and his desk is "exactly the same size as everyone else's," he says as he gives THR a peek for its New York Issue.

At 92, Liz Smith Reveals How Rupert Murdoch Fired Her, What It Felt Like to Be Outed

New York's grande dame of gossip has still got it, as she talks, kisses and tells about NYC's most powerful, revealing which mogul asked her advice on coming out, which famous friend cared less about her after she lost her column and how turning 90 was different from being 80 ("When I was 80, I was doing fine. I was still part of life. But something happens when you have to say you’re 90").

You: “Do You Know Who I Am?” Him: “I Do, and I Don’t Care” — Hosts to the A-List Spill All

Five suave hosts at L.A.’s most exclusive establishments — from Chateau Marmont to Soho House — gather to dish about big egos, what your table says about you, what's whispered behind your back and how it feels to turn away a "jerk."