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Maggie Lee

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60 Seconds of Solitude in the Year Zero: Film Review

60 directors give 60-second odes to 35mm film in this project full of life and love.

Mitsuko Delivers: Busan Film Review

Japanese independent director Yuya Ishii introduces a 24-year-old pregnant drifter who is so relentlessly upbeat she bosses the saddest losers into adopting her optimism.

Here…or There?: Busan Film Review

Actor-writer-editor Jean-Luc Mello creates a metaphysical film-within-a-film that showcases his talents while exploring small town or suburban life in Vietnam.

Choked: Busan Film Review

Director-writer Kim Joong-hyun tackles rampant materialism and obsession with status in a Korean society going through recession.

Niño: Busan Film Review

'Niño,' which observes how a Philippine family living in genteel poverty reacts to the sale of the ancestral mansion, is Chekovian in theme, Victorian in plot and performed in the raised pitch of daytime soaps.

A Reason to Live: Busan Film Review

Lee Jeong-hyang's new film focuses on the friendships and conflicts between a woman who loses her fiance and a teenage girl suffering parental abuse.

1911: Film Review

The actor stars in and co-directed the historical drama about the Xinhai Revolution that led to the founding of the Republic of China.

You Are the Apple of My Eye: Film Review

Taiwan novelist-turned-director Giddens tells a boy-meets-girl tale based on his semi-autobiographical novel in this box-office hit in his home country.

11 Flowers: Toronto Review

Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai evokes memories of provincial life prior to Mao's death.

Makeup: Film Review

Taiwanese director Lien Yi-Chi change genres the way most people change clothes in this ghost story-detective mystery-lyrical lesbian romance-lurid amour fou but the characters are portrayed with great subtlety.

Ninja Kids!!!: Film Review

Taking a respite from recent solemn samurai epics, Japanese action master Takashi Miike creates his most joyous effort in children's films yet.

Deadball: Film Review

Tak Sakaguchi, Mari Hoshino and Miho Ninagawa star in director Yudai Yamaguch's Japanese horror-sports movie.