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Marc Bernardin

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The Best Picture Oscar Deserves Better Than ‘Green Book’ (Guest Column)

'Green Book,' by all accounts — whether you like it or not — is a problematic movie about race in America.

Gaming While Black: Has ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Shifted a Toxic Culture?

Does the 'refreshing' narratives of games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and the 'Assassin's Creed' sequels point to a new direction in diversity within video games? The Hollywood Reporter's Marc Bernardin offers his analysis.

How Stan Lee Brought Humanity to Superheroes and Altered the Face of Entertainment

He didn’t invent comic book heroes, but Marvel’s late mastermind Stan Lee brought them down to earth, creating a universe of ultra-lucrative superhumans whose humanity altered the face of entertainment.

Why James Bond Should Be Black But Batman Should Stay White

Guest Columnist Marc Bernardin argues for race-blind casting of beloved characters amid rumors Idris Elba will be the next James Bond.

In Firing James Gunn, Disney Hurts All of Hollywood

A creative industry requires artists like 'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn who push boundaries, make (offensive) mistakes and evolve.

How Binge-Watching Has Changed TV Writing (Guest Column)

Hollywood Reporter columnist Marc Bernardin argues that writing for television used to be about the cliffhangers that would entice the viewer to come back for more. Now, it's all about how to break the "10-hour movie."

Toxic Fandom Is Killing ‘Star Wars’

Racist harassment of 'Last Jedi' star Kelly Marie Tran and the 'Solo' backlash: Lucasfilm’s problem isn’t the movies, it’s trolls who want only the nostalgia of their youth, like "old Luke Skywalker hiding on an island from everything new," writes columnist Marc Bernardin.

To Save the Future, Marvel Studios Must Forget Its Past

Kevin Feige's shared universe changed franchise films, but as 'Avengers: Infinity War' hits theaters, Disney should heed what happened to the comic-book industry in the '90s and ditch the interlocking storylines.

Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’: Is Cultural Appropriation Hollywood’s Next Big Battleground?

Who gets to make what art? And where should we draw the line between ripping off and paying homage to another culture, asks a Hollywood Reporter columnist.

‘Black Panther’: When Will African-American Films No Longer be Considered Unicorns?

After a string of seemingly anomalous box-office hits ('Get Out,' 'Girls Trip' and now Marvel's latest), THR columnist Marc Bernardin argues that these hits can be repeated if Hollywood pays attention to the real reasons they succeeded in the first place.

Why Aren’t ‘Star Wars’ Filmmakers as Inclusive as Its Universe? (Guest Column)

Are there no female storytellers, no artists of color, no gender fluid creators who would kill to get to play in the sandbox George Lucas built?

Why I Voted to Authorize a Writers Strike Despite Being “Scared Shitless” (Guest Column)

Marc Bernardin, a former senior editor at THR and other publications, left his day job to become a screenwriter. Now he's terrified of what might happen to him.