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Hollywood Legacies: Exclusive Photos of the Hustons, Poitiers, Sutherlands and More Showbiz Families

They're the dynasties, the establishment, the families with hundreds of film and television credits to their multigenerational names, and as the Hedren-Griffith-Johnsons, Kohans, Ladds and others in THR's exclusive portfolio reveal, they're just now getting started.

Frank Gehry and the 10 Hottest Architects Changing L.A. Real Estate

Home is where the art is, at least judging by the local casas created by Hollywood's top pros, who set the trends (outdoor rooms with radiant-heated floors, anyone?) without chasing them as these design leaders reveal what it takes to service their star clients (everyone from Hilary Swank to Mark Wahlberg).

Inside the Santa Monica Canyon Dream Home of Director Samuel Bayer (Photos)

Designer Olivia?Williams helped the video, TV and film helmer make a '90s beachside crib classically contemporary.

Ingrid Bergman’s Daughter: My Family Didn’t Squabble Over Her Oscars and Other Prized Possessions

Says Pia Lindstrom of her and half-siblings (including Isabella Rossellini) as they divvied up the late actress’ prized possessions: "I have to say, we were really good about it. … I hear about other families and think it’s so odd when they fight."

Isaac Hayes’ Kids Pose With His ‘Shaft’ Oscar: “It Was Life-Changing for Him”

The late singer-songwriter, who won best original song for 1971's "Theme From Shaft," took his grandmother — who mostly raised him — to the ceremony and kept the statuette at her house until she died.

Dalton Trumbo’s Granddaughter Reveals Where She Keeps His Oscar: A Symbol of “His Courage”

Samantha Trumbo Campbell has the best writing Oscar for 1953's 'Roman Holiday' in her Pasadena bungalow: "I think my grandfather's Oscars are especially significant because they represent the eventual demise of the Hollywood blacklist, which he fought so hard to undermine."

Elizabeth Taylor’s Son Reveals Where He Keeps Her Oscar for ‘Butterfield 8’

Taylor won the first of her three Oscars for the 1960 film. Says Christopher Wilding: "She was so beautiful, some people tended to overlook her great acting chops."

Charlton Heston’s Kids on Oscar-Winning ‘Ben-Hur’: “It Was a Big Risk for Him and the Studio”

"When he won, I think he finally felt validated as an actor," son Fraser Heston, who has the statuette today, tells THR. Daughter Holly Heston Rochell possesses the actor’s other Oscar, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.

Jose Ferrer Oscar Mystery: Statuette MIA, and the Academy Won’t Replace It

The son of the first Hispanic actor to win an Oscar wants it replaced, but the Academy won't budge on its policy, which 'NCIS: Los Angeles' co-star Miguel Ferrer finds ironic at a time when "the Academy is tripping over themselves to be culturally inclusive."

Oscar’s Life After Death: 10 Statuettes, From Heath Ledger’s to Liz Taylor’s, Today

There have been 3,093 statuettes given out in 87 years. Some end up in museums. Steven Spielberg spent $600,000 to save one. Another that Michael Jackson bought is now missing. Most are now with family, and — like the awards featured here — each one has a story.

Pimped-Out Home Bars and 4 Other Design Trends Pervading L.A. Real Estate

Posh pet amenities and perforated buildings also are among the new looks gaining popularity as the city becomes an aesthetic capital.

Meet 3 of Hollywood’s Drought Fighters: “We Live in a Desert. It’s Not Supposed to Look Like Long Island”

This trio of industry players have replaced thirsty lawns with smart, water-reducing options (drip systems, artificial turf) without sacrificing style.