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Matt Belloni

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Emmys: The Reality Roundtable

Six of the genre's biggest names swap war stories about weight fluctuation, the reality programs that drive them nuts and the biggest mistakes they've made on their shows.

Emmys: The Comedy Actress Roundtable (Video)

Emmy's funniest contenders reveal their big breaks, parenthood fears and why it's "so boring" to ever ask a question about women and comedy.

Emmys: The Comedy Actor Roundtable (Video)

Television's funnymen sound off on their favorite comedians, their biggest failures and what they really think about reality television.

Emmys: The Drama Actor Roundtable (Video)

Six of Emmy's toughest contenders come clean about their biggest fears, the worst advice they ever got and whom they most admire (present company excluded).

SUNDANCE SOCIAL: James Franco Sings ‘Three’s Company’

Wigs, bigwigs and actors light up the Park City night.

Courtney Love’s Tweets Lead to Unique Defamation Showdown

The rocker’s rants bring the first high-profile trial over celebrity comments on Twitter scheduled for Jan. 18.

Hollywood Docket: ‘Harry Potter’ plagiarism case continues; Actor subpoenas Twitter for source of STD rumor

A British judge has allowed a lawsuit to go forward that alleges that J.K. Rowling plagiarized "Harry Potter" from the author of an obscure fantasy book, "Willy the Wizard." However, the judge described the plaintiff's chances of success as "improbable" and ordered them to post cash security before future hearings are held.

Nickelodeon refuses to cave in ‘Dora’ standoff

Sanchez,caitlin Poor John Balestriere. The attorney for ex-"Dora the Explorer" voice Caitlin Sanchez really went for broke, firing off a threatening letter on Tuesday warning that if Nickelodeon didn't make his 14-year-old client a substantial offer to settle her lawsuit over an "unconscionable" contract by 1pm Wednesday, he'd start humiliating the network by exposing unflattering secrets and green-lighting Sanchez to do media interviews.

But Wednesday came and went, and all Balestriere seems to have done is antagonize Nickelodeon.

Hollywood Docket: Google wants to charge the music industry for anti-piracy help

Today's must-read: The RIAA and the IFPI, two music industry trade groups, recently sent a letter to Google asking for more aid in tracking down pirated material online. Google said it would help, but only for a price -- frustrating the music industry. We recently covered growing tension between the entertainment industry and Google, so we have a feeling this isn't going away.

Hollywood Docket: ‘Dora’ lawyer threatens to humiliate Nickelodeon; ‘Hobbit’ deal coming?

Ah, lawyering at its nastiest: The attorney for the teen who voiced "Dora the Explorer" and sued Nickelodeon last week gave the network a deadline of 1 pm yesterday to settle. Or else? The lawyer says he will be "ramping up" the prosecution, green-lighting interviews for the teen with media outlets, and humiliating Nickelodeon.

Harvard’s Larry Lessig on why ‘Social Network’ gets the Internet wrong

Like almost every person with access to the Internet, Harvard law professor and digital rights advocate Lawrence Lessig has weighed in with his review of "The Social Network." Lessig, a big Aaron Sorkin fan from his "West Wing" days, enjoyed the film, but...but...

Hollywood Docket: Undercover actor; ‘Simpsons’ opening pulled; ‘Hobbit’ divides Kiwi actors

Picture 4Larry Wilcox, former star of the television series "CHiPs" pleaded guilty to securities fraud and then used his acting chops to go undercover to assist federal law enforcement in an investigation of stock price manipulation. [NYT] Remember when Paramount was raising a stink to the FCC that a presentation on piracy by COO Fred Huntsberry had been posted online without permission? Well, Huntsberry has turned his "geek to sleek" thesis into a road show. [THR] Actors in New Zealand are split on whether it makes sense to unionize or risk losing the "The Hobbit," set to be produced in the country at a cost that could top $500 million. [THR] Fox has asked YouTube to pull the much-buzzed-about opening credit sequence of "The Simpsons" recently directed by graffiti artist Banksy. It's still up on Hulu. [WP] Major record labels were handed a defeat in Ireland when the country's High Court ruled that it couldn't force ISPs to adopt a "three strikes" rule to punish copyright infringement. [Irish Times] Sherba Industries, makers of an inflatable gorilla, are suing Google for violating their copyrighted image. The complaint is embedded after the jump.