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Matt Cabral

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‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Director on Re-Creating the “Table-Top Experience” in New Role-Playing Game

'Baldur's Gate 3' director Swen Vincke explains the upcoming third installment of the popular RPG series' approach to crafting a virtual 'Dungeons & Dragons' campaign: "We give the player lots of agency in shaping how their adventure is going to evolve."

10 Spooky Games to Play This Halloween

This year has seen a number of creepy, scary and downright disturbing video game releases. Here are the best to get you ready for Halloween.

Nintendo Switch Lite Offers Sleeker Handheld Experience

A hands-on preview of Nintendo's new handheld-only version of the popular Switch console.

‘Blair Witch’ Game Brings Moody Frights (and Dogs) to Life

2016's 'Blair Witch' film didn't do much to reignite the horror franchise, but the upcoming game's creepy atmosphere and canine companion could lure fans back to the Black Hills Forest.

‘Breaking Bad’ Mobile Game Will Put Players in the Empire Business (Exclusive)

A 'Breaking Bad' mobile game will let people build an empire just like Walter White's.

New ‘Walking Dead’ Mobile Gaming Details Revealed

AMC's 'The Walking Dead' is coming to mobile.

‘Disney Heroes: Battle Mode’ Trailer Unites Fan-Favorite Characters

Characters from 'The Incredibles,' 'Toy Story,' 'Wall-E,' 'Wreck-It Ralph' and more are in the mix for the mobile game.

What It’s Like Riding with the ‘Fast & Furious’ Crew at Universal Studios

'Supercharged' puts Orlando resort attendees in the middle of a high-speed chase with Vin Diesel and The Rock.

Marvel Video Games Set ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Updates

Seven titles will be getting costumes, characters and quests inspired by the superhero team-up.

How to Stand the Wait Until ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

Drown that 'Episode VIII' impatience with some distractions (video games, Legos, augmented reality) from a galaxy far, far away.

Disney’s World of Avatar: What It’s Like to Spend a Day on Pandora

Heat Vision went on an early scouting mission to James Cameron's long-awaited attraction, which opens to the public Saturday.