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Matt Patches

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Tribeca: Director of ‘The Canal’ on Six of His Horror Film Inspirations

Irish helmer Ivan Kavanagh reveals the childhood diet of macabre movies that led to his frightening new film, set to be distributed by The Orchard.

Tribeca: Billy Crudup Will Make You a Technophobe in First ‘Glass Chin’ Clip

Noah Buschel's fifth feature subverts the "Rocky" boxing drama with the help of "House of Cards" star Corey Stoll.

Why Godzilla Remains Pop Culture’s Immortal Monster (Opinion)

With a new Godzilla movie on the horizon and the TCM festival screening the 1954 Japanese original, we look back at why the big green beast continues to enthrall audiences.

Tribeca: ‘Mala Mala’ Teaser Reveals the Pillow Fight Partying of Puerto Rico’s Trans Community

Antonio Santini and Dan Sickles' vibrant portrait of sexual and national identity debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival.

How an Undercover Scarlett Johansson Tricked Men Into Thinking She Was Cruising For Sex

To ground his extraterrestrial drama in reality, "Under the Skin" director Jonathan Glazer sent his starlet out on the streets of Scotland.

‘Hide Your Smiling Faces’: 6 Pieces of Advice From the Acclaimed Film’s Director

Cannibalizing journal entries, venturing to the Middle East, and scrapping the whole "acting" thing are a few of the strategies employed by Daniel Patrick Carbone -- to remarkable effect.

Pat Healy of ‘Cheap Thrills’: Get to Know the Breakout Star of Spring’s Nastiest (and Funniest) Comedy

With films by P.T. Anderson, Werner Herzog and David Gordon Green on his resume, the actor reveals how collaborations shaped his eclectic career.

‘Amityville Horror’ Director’s Follow-Up Was Nine Years in the Making

Andrew Douglas had a modest hit with the Michael Bay-produced 2005 remake; his sophomore effort, the chat-room thriller "uwantme2killhim?," lands in theaters this Friday.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Milks Her Breasts, Paul Giamatti Pontificates on Poop: Is ‘River of Fundament’ the Weirdest Film Ever Made?

Visual artist Matthew Barney's scatological epic threads Norman Mailer, Egyptian gods and anthropomorphized Chryslers together for six hours of jaw-dropping cinematic art.

Sundance: ‘E-Team’ Directors Follow Human Rights Activists Into the Heart of Syria

Katy Chevigny and Oscar-winner Ross Kauffman chronicle four investigators who put their lives on the line to expose the truth.

Sundance: ‘No No: A Dockumentary’ Revisits the Legend of Baseball’s Acid-Trip No-Hitter

A drug-fueled 1970 game pitched by Dock Ellis prompted one filmmaker's quest into the life of the MLB legend.

Sundance: ‘Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter’ Follows a Bizarre Quest for ‘Fargo’s’ Buried Cash

Sibling fest vets David and Nathan Zellner craft an unforgettable road movie starring "Babel's" Rinko Kikuchi.