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Melissa Locker

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Streaming 2.0: What’s Coming Next to the Streaming World?

There’s no doubt that streaming video is the present (thanks, pandemic!), as well as the future of entertainment. But which platform will dominate the so-called streaming wars is still up for debate.

Women in Entertainment Reflect on Breaking Into the Business and the Journey to Success

Change is coming to Hollywood, thanks to a new wave of filmmakers, directors, editors, animators and cinematographers, many of whom learned their craft at DePaul University. The film school has made diversity and inclusion a cornerstone of its education, a belief that is reflected in its classrooms.

A Conversation With the Creators of Apple TV+’s ‘Visible: Out on Television’

Being on television makes people see you as part of the culture,” news anchor Rachel Maddow says in the Apple TV+ documentary series, Visible: Out on Television. The series -- and Maddow’s words -- gets to the heart of why representation matters and why it’s so important for young LGBTQ+ people to be able to see themselves on television, as part of the cultural conversation and included in images of the world at large. The series lays bare a very real, very recent, and very painful history where people were forced to hide who they were on screen and off.

How Taiwan Is Becoming a Global Hub for Creative Content

The creative class in Taiwan has been pushing the boundaries in culture for decades with groundbreaking films, books, music and, more recently, virtual reality projects. The nation is investing heavily in culture and the people that drive it, garnering attention from creative industries around the world. There, it’s a nationalized initiative that sees the Taiwanese […]

Simone Biles Battles Massive Beauty Troll in Times Square for Upcoming ‘Vs’ Series by SK-II Studio

There’s no doubt that gymnast Simone Biles is a fierce competitor. The 22-year-old has collected more world championship medals than any other gymnast ever; took five medals home from the 2016 Olympics in Rio; has trademark moves that now bear her name; and has set record after record during her journey to becoming one of the […]

‘Outlander’s’ Most Iconic Scottish Filming Locations

'Outlander' is credited, in part, for the fourth consecutive year of increased tourism in Scotland as tourists from Scotland and around the world try to capture some of the romance and adventure shown in the series. Here are 11 filming locations fans must visit if they hope to follow in the path of Claire’s adventures. Read the list, and enter here for a chance to win a trip to Scotland to see them with your own eyes!

Scotland Onscreen: 11 Must-Visit Filming Locations in Scotland

Scotland is ready for its close-up. The photogenic corner of the world has become a favorite of location scouts, because its diverse landscapes, picturesque towns, and urban centers are the perfect backdrop for nearly any film. The proof of that is in the films that have been shot in the country from period dramas to animated features to science-fiction favorites making good use of Scotland’s rugged mountains, lush greenery, sandy beaches and rolling hills.