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Michael Callahan

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Musso & Frank Icon Sergio Gonzalez Served Stars From Sinatra to The Rolling Stones: “We Treat People Like Our Own Family”

The author of an upcoming book celebrating 100 years of Musso & Frank recalls his interviews with waiter Sergio Gonzalez, who worked at the iconic Hollywood restaurant for 47 years before his death on June 4.

When Steven Spielberg and Steven Bochco Worked on the Same TV Show (With Sean Penn’s Dad and Noam Chomsky’s Cousin)

In 1968, 'The Name of the Game' was the most prescient show on TV, predicting everything from cable-style dramas to 'Game of Thrones'-size budgets and even a magazine called 'People.' Then star Tony Franciosa had a flameout in Las Vegas. Here, on its 50th anniversary, is the forgotten history of a lost classic.

Beverly Hills High School Turns 90: Carrie Fisher’s Carpools, Angelina Jolie’s “Goth” Phase Revealed in Oral History

Betty White, ICM's Toni Howard, '90210' showrunner Chuck Rosin and more remember prom night, partying at Marvin Gaye's house and staging plays with "sets flown in from Broadway" on the iconic campus that turns 90 this year: "There was no one as cute as Jason Priestley."

Flashback: When Hillary and Bill Hit the Wedding of Donald and Melania

In 2005, Trump's nuptials were a hot ticket as Matt Lauer, Heidi Klum and Elton John flew to Florida for an event its cakemaker and floral designer recall as — what else? — yuuuuge. Now, amid a toxic political climate, 89 calls to guests about the lavish affair weren't returned.

Oscars: Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander and a Brief History of Couples Nominated in the Same Year

What happens when you and your significant other are nominated at the same time? Sometimes you split up right after (Beatty and Keaton), marry (Olivier and Leigh) or maybe you just "do not give a shit" (Newman and Woodward).

The Legend of Oscar-Winning Producer-Showman Mike Todd

One year after his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor and his controverisal best picture triumph at the 1957 Oscars for 'Around the World in 80 Days,' the flamboyant producer — an early master of the Hollywood awards campaign — died in a tragic accident.