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Mitch Myers

The New Rules of South By Southwest

Don't give in to the FOMO (fear of missing out) and nine more pieces of advice to carry with you down to Austin.

A Last Goodbye to Lou Reed: Laurie Anderson, Paul Simon, Patti Smith Celebrate NYC Legend

Friends, family members, fellow musicians and loved ones gathered at the Apollo Theater in Harlem to mark 50 days since New York lost its favorite downtown son.

It Takes a (Greenwich) Village: How Folkie Dave Van Ronk Inspired ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

The Coen brothers' new film sparks renewed interest in the journeyman singer long known as an early influence of Bob Dylan's.

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’: From General Custer to Mr. Kennedy, the Genesis of a Novelty Song

If T Bone Burnett's new folk ditty is the next "Man of Constant Sorrow," who stands to reap the rewards? The song's credits are as muddled as its history.

Billboard/THR Film & TV Music Conference: Keynote Speaker Randy Newman Knows the Score

The award-winning composer was interviewed by his son Amos Newman, the head of music for visual media at WME.

Woodstock Film Festival Honors Peter Bogdanovich With Maverick Award

The five-day event drew the likes of Andy Garcia and director Ron Mann, who revealed that his Robert Altman doc might be headed to Cannes.

The Clash Unveils 12-Disc Set: ‘We Were Very Busy People With a 24-Hour Lifestyle’

Mick Jones and Paul Simonon tell the tales behind the band's gigantic retrospective box set.

Broke Down, Burned Out and Bankrupt, Detroit Rock City Remains: Book Review

From Iggy Pop to Alice Cooper, Kid Rock to Jack White, the "uncensored history" of America's loudest city chronicles 50 years of a perpetually underachieving scene.

From Feist to Wynton Marsalis, Montreal Jazz Fest Offers Diverse 2013 Lineup

The musical celebration will host more than 2 million attendees during its 10-day span.

Richie Havens, Woodstock Opener, Dies at 72

A noted interpreter of familiar rock and pop tunes, the guitarist and singer released 20-plus studio albums, performed at countless festivals and appeared in the 2007 Bob Dylan film-saga, "I'm Not…

Shuggie Otis Resumes His Freedom Flight in New York City: Concert Review

The critically-acclaimed funk-soul guitar virtuouso, sampled by the likes of Kanye West and Outkast, brings his unlikely comeback hopes to midtown Manhattan and delivers.

The Record Store Day After: New York’s Iconic Bleecker Bob’s Closes

What becomes of the vinyl faithful now that the Greenwich Village mainstay -- in business since 1967 -- has shut its doors?