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Noel Murray

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Latinos in entertainment

Whether their targeted audiences are broad or ethnocentric, these Latino filmmakers are making an impression.

The 23rd Imagen Awards is ready for its close-up

For Helen Hernandez, the hardest part of putting together the annual Imagen Awards, taking place Thursday night at the Beverly Hilton, is the money.

The sounds of “Vegas”

Live acts and up-and-coming recording artists keep the casino a-rockin' on NBC's "Las Vegas."

‘Las Vegas’ a ratings winner for NBC

Even a hardened gambler would cringe at these odds: Put a brand-new show up against ABC's "Monday Night Football," then shift it to the dead zone of Friday nights and watch as it loses its core…

Screenwriters reflect on the writer’s path

In their own words, six screenplay contenders reflect on the writer's path from inspiration to final draft.

Writers keep control by directing

Writers of screenplay contenders have found a way to avoid losing control of a movie: direct it themselves.

Shooting range

Not so long ago, female directors were a relative rarity, but 2007 has seen a good number of female first-timers -- many of them migrating from other careers in the business.

Think different

Gender politics in Hollywood have progressed to the point that almost nobody balks at a female producer or a female director anymore, but it would diminish the contributions of those women to say…

Now playing

A number of strong awards contenders have opened already and are working their way around the country.

Award season preview

Once upon a time -- oh, say, two years ago -- major studios and indie boutiques alike held back their awards-caliber movies until the tail-end of the year for a token post-Christmas eligibility…

Film schools a maze of varied opportunities

The path to Hollywood success still tends to run through film school, where aspiring Spielbergs can learn the basic craft and gain invaluable connections. But how to sort through hundreds of…

Mentors key for film school grads

Expensive film school classes are all well and good, but they don't provide much value if students can't find a job after graduation. That's why colleges and universities are increasingly making…