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P. Ryan Baber

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Emmy Watch: Longform

After the operation failed on the big screen, HBO launched a successful invasion of Iraq War projects on the tube.

Can movie stars save longform?

Can movie stars save longform?

Q&A: Anthony Zuiker

The co-creator/executive producer of "CSI: NY" is smiling -- he's managed to corral millions of American viewers into watching autopsies.

‘CSI: NY’ turns 100

VIDEO: The police drama found its voice by embracing its inner Big Apple -- and turning a few more lights on.

Emmy Wrap: Actor

This year's strong acting nominee lineup leaves Emmy voters with another difficult challenge -- choosing a winner.

Cable shows represent almost half in drama category

When the nominations for outstanding drama series were announced July 17, cable programmers had reason to celebrate.

Emmy Watch: Writers and directors

As everything from the cable model to the Internet redefines time-tested rules of their professions, it's not surprising that the writers and directors field is wide open.

Transgender characters find their role

With two dedicated cable networks and numerous other cable networks featuring LGBT characters, the LGBT experience is being portrayed with more complexity than ever.