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Dawn Wells, Mary Ann on ‘Gilligan’s Island,’ Dies at 82

Dawn Wells, the girl-next-door actress and former beauty queen who played the sweet Mary Ann Summers on the iconic CBS sitcom 'Gilligan's Island,' has died. She was 82.

In New Doc, Clarence Thomas Revisits Joe Biden’s Questions During Confirmation Hearing

Filmmakers behind 'Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words' have struck a theatrical distribution deal for a Jan. 31 release, four days before the Iowa caucuses.

Showtime’s Roger Ailes Show Billboard Hijacked in L.A. by Conservatives

Showtime marketing executives may want to take a closer look at a giant Los Angeles billboard that promotes their Roger Ailes miniseries, 'The Loudest Voice,' because it's not what they paid for.

Majority of Americans Think Cable TV Has Become “Unaffordable” (Exclusive Poll)

A whopping 90 percent of Americans say that the most important factor when deciding to subscribe to a TV or streaming service is cost. Meanwhile, 56 percent say cable is “unaffordable” and 47 percent say the same about satellite, while just 17 percent deem streaming unaffordable.

‘Halloween’ Billboard Hijacked to Target Maxine Waters

Sabo, a prolific street artist, swapped a photo of killer Michael Myers and replaced it with one of Rep. Maxine Waters.

Tom Arnold Gets Into Heated Exchange With Pro-Trump Superman Actor Dean Cain (Video)

"I'm not a racist person; I never have been," an irritated Cain told Arnold.

CBS’ Leslie Moonves Fallout: Stock Drops as Wall Street Debates Future, Board Meets

While some industry figures were quick to speak out in defense of or against Leslie Moonves, there was a hush of shell-shocked silence among many analysts as they went into the summer weekend trying to gauge the fallout. What is Wall Street now concentrating on at this stage?

Facebook Comes Up Short in Key Earnings Metrics, Stock Falls?

Facebook shares plunged as much as 17 percent after the closing bell Wednesday.

Sacha Baron Cohen Criticized for “Stolen Valor” on Hijacked Billboard Near CBS Offices

A street artist took over a Los Angeles billboard early Monday morning by using a crew to place a gigantic overlay on top of a legitimate ad for the 'Young Sheldon' show on CBS.

Daily Beast Reporter Involved in Altercation on Set of Pro-Life Film ‘Roe v. Wade’

Will Sommer, the journalist, describes the incident as an "assault" by a crewmember. Producer Nick Loeb shares an audio snippet of the scuffle.

Secret ‘Roe v. Wade’ Film Now Shooting in New Orleans (Exclusive)

Secret 'Roe v. Wade' film now shooting in New Orleans. Nick Loeb, famous for battling ex Sofia Vergara over frozen embryos, is co-directing a pro-life story of the landmark Supreme Court case, with a cast including conservative stars Jon Voight, Robert Davi and Stacey Dash.

MoviePass Halts Repeat Viewings as ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Hits Theaters

The no-repeat policy arrives just as Marvel Studios' highly anticipated blockbuster opens.