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Cartoon Network preps ‘Casual MMO’

According to PAUL HYMAN, the two ends of the video game spectrum: the tiny, personal-sized casual game  and  the complex, massive multiplayer online game -- and the twain rarely meet. Until now.

Games built with Hollywood in mind

Scott Miller is no fan of movies based on hit video games, so his company is taking a different approach: creating games like "Earth No More," pictured, that are designed from the beginning to be movie-friendly, PAUL HYMAN writes.

Casual games look to ad-supported ‘TV model’

Although the ad-supported model that used to apply to the TV industry has become outmoded, it appears to have gotten a foothold in the casual video game business, writes PAUL HYMAN, who notes that for every 100 people downloading a casual game, on average only one actually pays for it.

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Some films seem so perfect for converting to video games that one wonders why it never happened. Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill" movies, for example.

‘Sin City’ video game goes straight to the source

When the "Sin City" video game arrives in Christmas 2009, it won't be inspired by the movie or its upcoming sequel. Rather, writes PAUL HYMAN, Red Mile Entertainment's game will be based upon the source material, namely Frank Miller's original graphic novels.

‘Iron Man,’ ‘Hulk,’ ‘Alien’ games power Sega’s reinvention

Once the No. 14 video game publisher, Sega  has climbed  to No.  6, with much of the credit going to Sega of America president and COO Simon Jeffery and the strategy of licensing properties like "Iron Man," pictured.

Disney’s new game chief faced high hurdles at Atari

PAUL  HYMAN talks to former Atari exec Jean-Marcel Nicolai, the new senior vp of global production at Disney Interactive Studios, where plans include releasing its first extreme off-road racing game, called "Pure," pictured.

And the award for best video game writing is …

Video game writers have historically been overlooked, ignored or forgotten. But with the Writers Guild of America having created a new category, game writers might finally get their due, PAUL HYMAN writes.

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To some, author James Patterson is known for the 50 mystery novels that bear his name, while others might recognize him from the three movies and five TV shows — including "Women's Murder Club" on ABC — that have been adapted from his books.

Patterson pursues video game murders most casual

While many know the name James Patterson thanks to his many mystery novels and TV's "Women's Murder Club," by the end of May gamers will also know of him, thanks to the upcoming video game version of "WMC," PAUL HYMAN writes.

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Given the current state of world affairs, Iran probably is not the most ideal setting for a family-friendly, big-screen actioner.

Post-‘Pirates,’ ‘Persia’ pops for Bruckheimer

With the stunning success of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise still cooking, producer Jerry Bruckheimer talks with PAUL HYMAN about an upcoming movie adaptation based upon the video game "Prince of Persia," pictured.