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Paula Parisi

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An Internet series becomes a digital hit

What do you get when you combine video blogging with TV-caliber production values? If you're a bored doctor named Miles Beckett, the answer is "Lonelygirl15," the confessional, sci-fi-inflected tale…

Entertainment players go virtual

Traditional media players have discovered the multiplayer online world and are launching virtual communities that extend their brands, bringing viewers to cyberspace for a different kind of…

Powerhouse duo will keynote Hollywood & Games

Legendary Pictures chairman Thomas Tull is such a big believer in the games sector that he's putting his money where his media is and financing the startup Brash Entertainment to the tune of $400…

Theaters popping as ShoWest unfurls

Is exhibition a real business, or is it merely a prestigious form of DVD marketing? It's a question worth asking as the industry convenes for ShoWest, the National Association of Theatre Owners…

Golden statesman

Californians take a shine to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Leading man

Robert J. Dowling helped the Key Art Awards turn a light on the artists who market movie magic.