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Paula Zulian

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Brazil’s Karim Ainouz on His Competition Title and Why He Won’t Work for A Big Studio (Berlin Q&A)

His drama "Praia do Futuro," starring Wagner Moura, is a Brazil-Germany co-production and part of the competition at the Berlinale.

Brazil and South Korea Sign Film Cooperation Agreement

The deal was announced during a panel discussion at the 37th Sao Paulo Festival.

Sao Paulo Film Festival Opens With Stanley Kubrick Exhibit

"Stanley would be so pleased about all the attention he is getting," said the famed director's widow, Christine Kubrick, who attended the event's opening ceremony.

‘City of God –- 10 Years Later’ Co-Director on Where the Stars of the Brazilian Hit Are Today (Q&A)

Co-director Luciano Vidigal tells THR his documentary explores the artistic impact of the film and also revisits the actors, some of whom are struggling to make ends meet: "I was sad, but I thought that people needed to see that."

Rio Film Festival: ‘A Wolf at the Door,’ ‘Underage’ Win Top Honors

The two films shared the Redentor trophy for best fiction, while Hilton Lacerda's "Tatoo" received five awards.

Rio Film Festival: ‘True Blood’ Screenwriter Talks Killing Off Characters

The HBO hit series' writer Raelle Tucker joined "Grey’s Anatomy" producer William Harper in a panel last week at Rio Market where they discussed characters exiting their shows.

On the Set of Stephen Daldry’s ‘Trash’ in Rio: Stray Dogs and a Massive Garbage Dump

A huge artificial landfill was built to shoot Richard Curtis' script based on Andy Mulligan's novel about three boys who pick garbage for a living.

Rio Film Festival Opens Amid Protest Outside the Theater

French-Brazilian 3D fiction documentary "Amazonia" enchants the audience at the Opening Night of the fest, which runs Sept 26 - Oct 10.

Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Bring the Heat to Brazil’s Rock in Rio

The 13th edition of the two-weekend-long music festival drew a slew of international acts to the South American country's second largest city.

Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster Headline Celebrity Poker Bash

Charity tournament raises $300,000 for Mending Kinds International, which subsidizes corrective surgery for children.